Is It Time For Peyton Manning To Walk Away?


The Question really is, “Who’s Up and Who’s Down?”

Who’s down? Try Dallas and Baltimore and Green Bay (they lost to Detroit!) and San Francisco and New Orleans and Chicago, and let’s not forget my beloved Eagles. And now Denver. All are perennial playoff powers, most of whom have been to or won Super Bowls in the past decade or two, and yet, neither of these teams may even make the playoffs.

And if the news weren’t bad enough, it gets worse for us old timers who love winners and want our old teams to keep winning. Tony Romo’s been down for seven games, and the Dallas “Cowgirls” are 0-7 without him. And they just lost 10-6 to Tampa Bay. Tampa Bay? And now Sam “Badford” is down. He’s hurt AGAIN. My man Tony Kornheiser called Bradford “an ace bandage waiting to happen.”  Ain’t that the truth. Can Philly win without him? Heck, they’re barely winning WITH him.

Who’s down? Peyton Manning is down. Way down. Peyton Manning had a bad game. He threw four – count ‘em — four interceptions yesterday on the way to being benched. He’s 39 years young, or old, and his skills seem to have deteriorated overnight. But it’s only one game, not a season or his whole career, right?

Peyton Manning is one of the best NFL QB’s ever. But the surpassing of Brett Favre as the NFL’s all-time passing leader is overshadowed by his four interceptions in the Broncos’ 29-13 loss to the Chiefs. Even though he just passed for more yards than any other QB ever, his future is far from decided at best and is fairly debatable at worst. And the question is, “is it time?”

Who’s up? For all you youngins’ out there, I’m sure you love Cam Newton and maybe even Andrew Luck and the kid from Cincy, Andy Dalton (whoever he is); but heck, Cincy is 8-0.

Quarterbacks win games. Period. Get a good QB, and you got something. Lose your QB to injury or deteriorating skills, and you got Dallas at 2-7, Philly now at 4-5, and Denver dropping their last 2; and the worst of it is this: Peyton may be done.

Quarterbacks are leaders. They lead by precept and example. They lead with their play and by what they say. As they go, so goes the team. So while you need a good coach, while you’re at it, get yourself a good, sound and solid quarterback.

Get someone in your corner and on your team and on your side who can call the right play at the right time. Because your “football” life is at stake. Get yourself a good quarterback; someone who can lead you and guide you and take you all the way. Your standing and status and reputation and successful operation may well depend on it.

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