Panic in Paris: When Sports Take a Back Seat


Life is more than sports, because sports are only a part of life. And when life is cut short and cut down and cut off, nothing else matters, and sports take a back seat. The President of France was at a soccer game, and everything stopped when the terror began.

Paris is under siege as we speak, and the situation is dreadfully and frightfully and woefully unspeakable. Those who have no regard and have nothing but disdain for human life have taken lives and dozens of innocent victims have lost their souls in acts of violence too heinous to even speak of. And those that take life should have no place in life.

As much as I love sports, this is one day where I really can’t focus on and can’t even fathom anything but life. Life without sports is nothing next to sports without life. When a tragedy like this happens, it’s hard to have the heart or the stomach for anything other than the sanctity of human life.

So pray for Paris. And pray for the victims and their families. And while you’re praying, let’s plead for peace and for hope for harmony as we fight felons and murderers and killers who truly know nothing and yet try to take everything from us all. Let’s fight the good fight of faith. Let’s fight those that oppose all that is right and good and just and fear nothing but losing everything to the wickedness of the dark side.

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