Kelly’s “Chip” Wreck

Chip Kelly
Chip Kelly, the Philadelphia Eagles ever infamous but never ingenious head coach, has got to go. That’s it. Period. End of discussion.  The loss to the 3-7 Detroit dandeLions was the last straw.   Not only has the team been an embarrassment to the City of Brotherly Love, they have lost the respect and regard of the rest of the football world.  The way the Eagles looked and played on Thanksgiving Day was an altogether abject abomination to all who love and respect the game.

Chip cannot right the ship. At this point, no one, and I do mean NO ONE in Philly wants to utter his name; instead we mutter all the blame and shudder at the shame and wonder why he even came from Oregon for all of this. Now it appears an utter impossibility for Kelly to keep his job. And standing on the sideline stoically while his team gave up 90 points to two — count ’em — two non-playoff teams in five days is utterly unacceptable.  

Chip has made a hot mess of things in South Philly. And it’s so bad, we confess that we  don’t even want him to stay around to clean it up. Harsh? Yes, it’s harsh, but this is Philly.  And it’s a Chip wreck. It’s not just bad, it’s REALLY  BAD. But if we’re all honest, at one point or another, we’ve all made a mess of a few things along the way. For Chip,  the best thing to do is to acknowledge the flub and admit the snub. Denying and decrying the mistakes and outakes would only lead to more heartaches and make matters even worse.

So, let’s learn the lesson here. When things go wrong and when things go bad and when things don’t turn out the way we thought they would or should, don’t be like the emperor with his new clothes. When we deny and defend and are determined to be right when we’re really wrong, we only prolong the agony and protract the misery. 

So Don’t trip like Chip.  Do yourself a favor and right the ship, because confession is good for the soul. 

Golden State Is Undefeated!

Golden State SI Cover

The Golden State Warriors are undefeated and undeterred and are winning and are playing like warlords on a warpath. These 2015 Warriors have sprinted their way out ahead of the NBA pack in defense of their 2015 title. Stephen Curry and his fellow phenoms are playing like they’re on an inevitable track to repeat last year’s heroics en  route to win another Larry O’Brien Trophy.

Yes, once again, Golden State is a golden goose, as they are now 14-0 and mowing over and plowing under every team in their path. Michael Jordan’s 1995-96 Chicago Bulls team coached by “Dr.” Phil Jackson blew through the league and set a record for regular season wins with a 72-10 high water mark. Some say that this will never happen again. Enter Steph Curry and this Warriors team.

The Warriors are winning in wonderful ways. I stayed up way past my bedtime last night and watched them defeat Chicago and I was not disappointed. ‘Da Bulls gave them a run for their money, and were actually winning with time running out but the Warriors won running away. It was awesome to watch a REGULAR SEASON NBA game in November that actually meant something. But how are they doing it?

The Warriors are winning and grinning and thinning the ranks of the NBA. They’re winning and having fun doing it. For them it’s not work, it’s play. And as a wise old pastor once told me, when you make your work your play, you’ll never work a day in your life.  The closest teams to the Warriors are LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers and Timmy Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs, both sitting at 9-3.  And at the other end of the spectrum, my sad and sorry Sixers are 0-13. They’re struggling and bumbling and can’t win for loosing. They can’t figure out how to win a game yet. In other words, winning is elusive and losing is effortness. Oh well. We’re rebuilding, right?

So, this season is all about the Warriors and how they will win another title. And how they will mow and plow through the rest of the league to do it. It’s a wonderful thing to watch, because there’s nothing like watching poetry in motion. There’s nothing like watching a pro play at the highest level and there’s nothing any opponent can do about it. They can’t stop them and they can’t beat them and they can’t defeat them. At least not yet.

 So let’s learn a lesson from the league’s best. This Thanksgiving, let’s have fun living. Let’s have fun giving, and let’s not forget forgiving.   These three are a must, because the only way to defeat the enemy and to win in life is to enjoy living, to employ giving and to be ever forgiving.

Sometimes, Nothing is Black And White


Sometimes, Nothing is Black and White

Kevin Costner fans unite. My man has turned in yet another A+ performance, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s surrounded by an appropriate cast of Hollywood all-stars. Costner and Octavia Spencer combat and combine in this gut wrenching drama between a traditional, white male from the suburbs and a dominant, black female from the hood with their doting, darling, angelic granddaughter caught in between. In the middle of this dynamic, dysfunctional and sometimes distasteful family mess is the darling child actress Jillian Estell who wins you over from the gun.


BLACK OR WHITE is the story of a grandfather who is suddenly left to care for his beloved granddaughter. When her paternal grandmother seeks custody with the help of her brother (Anthony Mackie), the little girl is torn between two families who love her deeply and will fight for her desperately. With the best intentions at heart, both families fight for what they feel is right and are soon forced to confront their true feelings about race, forgiveness, and understanding. Anchored by an all-star cast and based on real events, the movie is a look at two seemingly different worlds, in which nothing is as simple as black or white.

Black and White 2

So watch this film, which is based on a true story, because sometimes things don’t turn out the way we think they will. And sometimes (or most times)  we need to step back and let the truth speak for itself. And sometimes, in some things, you may think you’re right, but you could be wrong, because sometimes, nothing is black and white.

College or Pro Ball? (We All Know The Answer To That)


There’s nothing like college basketball.

Nothing. In college ball, there’s nothing like the thrill of an upset victory or the pain of  an agonizing defeat. Nothing. At the college level, there’s nothing like a come from behind win or a loss at the buzzer. And that’s why college ball puts the NBA to shame. Yes we watch the NBA, and have loved Magic and Mike and Kobe and Kareem and Larry Bird and LeBron James and John Wall and Marc Gasol and Stephen Curry (of course) and all of our past and present stars, but the NBA comes in second to our first love of college basketball.

There’s nothing like college basketball. That’s why the NBA is a distant third cousin to the college game, and the NCAA tournament is far and away superior to the NBA playoffs any day. I went to Maryland, and lost my voice many a night at Cole Field House rooting for my Terps. That’s why I can say unequivocally that no NBA game in ANY season, playoffs or not, will have a fraction of the passion of what we saw Tuesday night at Xfinity Center when Melo Tribble and my University of Maryland Terrapins got the best of the Georgetown Hoyas, 75-71.

Flipping from an NBA game to the new and nascent rivalry between crosstown rivals Maryland and Georgetown is like going from a Bentley to a broke down VW Beatle. Going form a bad game between two decent pro teams to a Duke-Carolina or Kentucky-Louisville or Cal-UCLA rivalry game is like going from watching downhill skiing to watching paint dry. It’s not even close. It’s not even a fair fight. It’s no contest. The best players in the world play in the NBA, but the best isn’t always more entertaining to watch, particularly in a league with the NBA’s structure. The long season with the longer playoff schedule is insane. Give me college basketball every day of the week and all day twice during March Madness.

So don’t get it twisted. Don’t substitute the lesser for the greater. And the spiritual side of us is greater than the physical side of us. All day any day, and twice on Sunday. So don’t settle and don’t surrender. Don’t concede and don’t compromise. Don’t forego and don’t forfeit. Anything. And especially the quality of roundball you watch.

So join me and let’s watch my Maryland Terrapins, at this writing ranked No. 3 in the country, give us good wins and great games. And keep an eye on Kentucky and UNC and a few other juggernaut teams too. It promises to be an awesome college basketball season. And root for the Terps when we play UNC on December 1st. It will be a better game than any other pro game on that night.

Just watch.

Is It Time For Peyton Manning To Walk Away?


The Question really is, “Who’s Up and Who’s Down?”

Who’s down? Try Dallas and Baltimore and Green Bay (they lost to Detroit!) and San Francisco and New Orleans and Chicago, and let’s not forget my beloved Eagles. And now Denver. All are perennial playoff powers, most of whom have been to or won Super Bowls in the past decade or two, and yet, neither of these teams may even make the playoffs.

And if the news weren’t bad enough, it gets worse for us old timers who love winners and want our old teams to keep winning. Tony Romo’s been down for seven games, and the Dallas “Cowgirls” are 0-7 without him. And they just lost 10-6 to Tampa Bay. Tampa Bay? And now Sam “Badford” is down. He’s hurt AGAIN. My man Tony Kornheiser called Bradford “an ace bandage waiting to happen.”  Ain’t that the truth. Can Philly win without him? Heck, they’re barely winning WITH him.

Who’s down? Peyton Manning is down. Way down. Peyton Manning had a bad game. He threw four – count ‘em — four interceptions yesterday on the way to being benched. He’s 39 years young, or old, and his skills seem to have deteriorated overnight. But it’s only one game, not a season or his whole career, right?

Peyton Manning is one of the best NFL QB’s ever. But the surpassing of Brett Favre as the NFL’s all-time passing leader is overshadowed by his four interceptions in the Broncos’ 29-13 loss to the Chiefs. Even though he just passed for more yards than any other QB ever, his future is far from decided at best and is fairly debatable at worst. And the question is, “is it time?”

Who’s up? For all you youngins’ out there, I’m sure you love Cam Newton and maybe even Andrew Luck and the kid from Cincy, Andy Dalton (whoever he is); but heck, Cincy is 8-0.

Quarterbacks win games. Period. Get a good QB, and you got something. Lose your QB to injury or deteriorating skills, and you got Dallas at 2-7, Philly now at 4-5, and Denver dropping their last 2; and the worst of it is this: Peyton may be done.

Quarterbacks are leaders. They lead by precept and example. They lead with their play and by what they say. As they go, so goes the team. So while you need a good coach, while you’re at it, get yourself a good, sound and solid quarterback.

Get someone in your corner and on your team and on your side who can call the right play at the right time. Because your “football” life is at stake. Get yourself a good quarterback; someone who can lead you and guide you and take you all the way. Your standing and status and reputation and successful operation may well depend on it.

The “Brady Bunch:” The Best Ever?


If you grew up in the ‘70’s like me, then you’ll remember the show “The Brady Bunch.” It was a good, clean, fun sitcom with a blended family; three boys and three girls who came together when their widowed (not divorced) parents got remarried. They had a house that I loved and the Dad was an architect AND they had a maid!  So what’s not to like! It wasn’t necessarily the best sitcom of the decade. In fact, The Brady Bunch never achieved high ratings during its primetime run but in syndication it has become an American icon.

So if you haven’t seen or even heard of the show, check it out. It’s not that bad. But as for the football “Brady bunch,”, they’re pretty good, and perhaps the best set of teams, ever.

Well, it’s been 40 years and now we have another Brady Bunch. Tom Brady is the leader of the pack and along with Coach Bill Belichick, they have weathered storm after storm. The two have taken a lickin’ and they just keep on tickin’.

Like him or lump him, Tom Brady proved once again why he may be the best quarterback ever. That’s right. Ever. Brady and his Patriots “bunch” just beat Eli Manning and the New York “Football” Giants on the road at Met Life Stadium, aka the Meadowlands for you old heads, and are 9-0 on the season. And they answered a lot of questions along the way.

Yes – the Giants should have won. No – the Patriots didn’t play great. Yes – Brady should have been picked off in the final minute. And NO, I don’t want the Pats to win another super Bowl. But the way it looks now, who’s going to stop ‘em?

This season, there remain three undefeated teams: the Pats, the Carolina Panthers who are also 9-0, and Cincinnati sitting at 8-0. But Carolina and Cincy each will have to prove they’re better than the New England Brady Bunch and that is a tall order.

Brady has now won the Super Bowl with three different teams, and every time it’s a new “bunch” that proves it can win. Brady is the only remaining member of the 2005 Super Bowl Championship team, and this year’s bunch is vastly different than last year’s team, and now they are poised to do it yet again.

Panic in Paris: When Sports Take a Back Seat


Life is more than sports, because sports are only a part of life. And when life is cut short and cut down and cut off, nothing else matters, and sports take a back seat. The President of France was at a soccer game, and everything stopped when the terror began.

Paris is under siege as we speak, and the situation is dreadfully and frightfully and woefully unspeakable. Those who have no regard and have nothing but disdain for human life have taken lives and dozens of innocent victims have lost their souls in acts of violence too heinous to even speak of. And those that take life should have no place in life.

As much as I love sports, this is one day where I really can’t focus on and can’t even fathom anything but life. Life without sports is nothing next to sports without life. When a tragedy like this happens, it’s hard to have the heart or the stomach for anything other than the sanctity of human life.

So pray for Paris. And pray for the victims and their families. And while you’re praying, let’s plead for peace and for hope for harmony as we fight felons and murderers and killers who truly know nothing and yet try to take everything from us all. Let’s fight the good fight of faith. Let’s fight those that oppose all that is right and good and just and fear nothing but losing everything to the wickedness of the dark side.