It’s That Simple

Lose to Win

Is your team a good team, a bad team, a glad team, or a sad team?

Just where does your team fit in?  As for me, my Eagles are not a good team. And neither are the Washington Redskins, but I’m not going to blog about them. Right now, the Eagles and the Redskins are bad teams.  There’s no gladness to be had, and so they are nothing more, nothing less than a sad team, which makes for a mad team.

Dallas is 2-0, but they’ve lost their quarterback, Tony Romo (thanks to the Eagles); the New York “Football” Giants beat the Redskins, but that’s not saying much; and the Eagles and the Redskins, well, they’re fighting for last place in the NFC East — and if this were college and they were to play in a “Bowl” at the end of the season, they would have to flip for the right to play in the “Toilet Bowl.” 

How do you go from bad and sad and mad to glad?  How do you turn things around and pull an upset and stage a comeback? 

Make necessary changes. It’s that simple. Because you have to lose to win. I’m not so good at some things. So if I want to improve myself and better myself and advance in those weak areas, I need to get mad enough to win ( I need to get mad enough and realize I’m bad enough to necessitate the need make the move from bad and sad to glad. Easy, peasy, right?  Almost.

In order to be good you have to want to be good and then you have to work to be good. It’s that simple. The problem with most of us is that we don’t want to put the work in; we’re not willing to put the work in so that God can get to work out all of our kinks and our quirks and our faults and our foibles. And I do mean all.

In other words, in order to win you have to lose yourself. Because the way up is always down. Losing your ego and your pride and sometimes your hide is necessary in order to find your way. Hillsong sings that we touch the sky when our knees hit the ground. It’s that simple.

So take if from the bad teams in the NFC East.  Do you want to improve? Do you want to get better and climb higher and run further?  It’s simple. Don’t be lazy. Don’t be lethargic. And for Pete’s sake, don’t blame your losses and misses and miscues and mistakes on anyone but yourself. YOU and only you are responsible for your actions. It’s that simple.

So don’t be a punk. Punk means a lot of things, including being of very poor quality, cheap and cheesy.  So don’t punk out and give up or give out.  Fix you. And stop trying to fix everybody else. Stop looking at others weaknesses and shortcomings and stare your own self down for a change.   

It’s that simple.

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