My Team Almost Made Me Cuss, a.k.a., Can Chip Right The Ship?

Eagles Cowboys

“Swear not at all.”
Matthew 5:34, KJV

Chip Kelly needs to look for another job. Because today, he and Sam Bradford and that awful, offensive “Offensive” Line almost made me cuss. 

That’s right. Cuss. As in use bad, four letter words. And not under my breath either. My team got beat up and beat down, banged and bumped, thumped and trumped by the Cowboys AT HOME. And I nearly used the few bad words I know to vent my anger.

I know all of you sanctimonious saints out there are judging me right now, and all of you hell raising heathens are saying, “almost cuss?” – what’s wrong with a few four letter words every now and then? But we shouldn’t use curse words at all. Not at all. The Bible says to “swear not at all.” And I believe that includes using regular words like cuss words.  Growing up in Philly, I had a saintly aunt who would get frustrated in her kitchen and say, “Oh Fudge!” And as a little boy I would think, “Wow, that’s awfully close to . . .”   

But today, my team, my Philadelphia Eagles, sure did push me to the limit.


We, and I do mean we, use bad words because it’s “cool” and politically correct to use a bad word or drop an “F” bomb every now and then to show people that we mean business. A lot of coaches use emotional, expressive epithets at half time and in post-game press conferences to show how upset they are, but is it really necessary? “Studies by psychologist Timothy Jay, of the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in North Adams, have found that swearing can provide both emotional release and relief from pain.” Really?

But that’s the way of the world. “People have a sense of catharsis and they feel better after using this kind of language,” Jay told Discovery News. “Most people look at swearing as a bad thing that you shouldn’t do, without asking what the positive aspects of it are.” Positive aspects? Really?

Cursing is a sign of frustration and a lack of faith. While the psychologists may say cursing is natural and good for your health and all of that jazz, when we are dejected and despondent and dismal and disappointed, we as Christians must have a better way of dealing and handling and responding to living than the world does. I mean, if people of faith react to the vagaries and variations and vicissitudes of life the same way that unbelievers do, then what is the point of having faith?

So, for my part, while it’s not lookin’ good for my Eagles, and while it looks like the season is over and it’s only just begun, we shouldn’t respond the same way that everyone else does. Ok, ok, ok, so I was really upset last week after the Falcons loss. But now, honestly, my hope is that Chip Kelly, some way, somehow, can right the ship.

Because if he doesn’t . . . (need I finish the sentence?)


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