Learn From Your Mistakes: Losing Is A Part Of Living


OK, so now that I’ve calmed down after fussing and fuming about the Eagles loss to Atlanta on Monday Night Football, I can write objectively. Ok, somewhat objectively. Chip is not a chump. He just had a bad night coaching. Chip has a plan and we hope that the plan includes a balanced running and passing attack. So that’s the word for the day: BALANCE.

Don’t get to high, and don’t sink so low. Ask God to help you maintain balance in everything you do.

This Eagles team is good, and they can be very good. In fact, they have the capacity and the capability of doing very well and going very far this season. But don’t we all say that about our teams at the beginning of every campaign?

This Eagles team can go 12-4. Easy.  I mean, last season we went 10-6, and we were two stupid losses away from — you got it — 12-4.  But with that numbing loss to the Falcons, we only have three more losses to burn.  So let’s learn that losing is a part of living. Let’s learn this lesson and plan to ultimately win even though we may initially or sporadically lose.

So we all have to learn that losing is a part of living. You can’t will ‘em all. And you won’t. We all have to learn the lesson, or lessons. We have to learn to fail; if we don’t, we will have failed to learn.

The Eagles need to learn from their mistakes. The Eagles need to learn that coming from behind is nice, but they need not make a habit of it. And the Eagles need to learn that they aren’t going to win the Super Bowl just because they went 3-1 in the preseason. The real games still must be played and won. 

Yes, if the Eagles just learn from their mistakes in one measly game, they’ll be fine. And so will we all.  


One thought on “Learn From Your Mistakes: Losing Is A Part Of Living

  1. Agreed. If we win all the NFC East games that ‘s 6-0. And that is more than do-able. The season is a marathon. If all goes according to plan by December the Atlanta loss will be a faded memory…unless there’s a tiebreaker involved for home field advantage in the playoffs. Just have to keep Bradford upright…and balanced!

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