Pursue, Provide and Protect

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The Isaiah 53:5 Project

I usually write for the ladies… Today, I want to write for the gents. I usually write from personal experience, but today, I’m writing from an understanding of a husband’s duty to his wife and family.

We owe it to feminism for the blurred roles in the family. Women emancipation has often caused confusion to both women and men. They are crying in the streets… “you don’t have to slave in the kitchen anymore”, “you’re free to get a job now”, “you can even run for President!”

The ladies are running out of the kitchen and out of every other enforced label, trying to prove that they can run the world like men… and that men are not even needed at all. I believe in the original ideals of feminism, but this is feminism that is not submitted to God. It is not informed or guided by God, and so…

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