Chip Is A Chump

Chip Kelly.Falcons Loss

Chip is a chump. At least for now. And while it’s only the first game of the season, all of Philly is NOT HAPPY.

In Atlanta, it was a disastrous start, followed by an energizing comeback in which the Philadelphia Eagles fought back to claim a brief lead but it turned out not to be enough on Monday Night Football. And I’m not going to blame this on Sam Bradford.

It’s all Chip’s fault.

In the end, their offense and special teams failed them after their defense played a near-flawless second half as the Atlanta Falcons came back to score a 26-24 victory in front of 70,516 fans at the Georgia Dome.

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jordan Matthews (81) lay on the field after bobbling the ball and Atlanta Falcons cornerback Ricardo Allen (37) made a late interception during the final minutes of an almost thriller of a comeback. But almost, as we all know, is like kissing your sister.

Eagles place kicker Cody Parkey missed a 44-yard field goal with 2 minutes, 26 seconds remaining, a field goal that would have given the Eagles the lead. And then the Eagles were victimized by Sam Bradford’s second interception after getting the ball back with 1:49 to go, allowing the Falcons to kill the clock and seal the victory.

From the beginning, the Eagles looked like an anemic and apathetic, lethargic, lifeless dead duck. And that, my friends, is the product of corky coaching. The Falcons came out with more energy and precision than the Eagles from the start. They played like the better team, and looked like the better team, and ended up beating the better team. Because the Eagles are better than the Falcons on ANY day of the week. But they didn’t prove it. And that, my friends, is a symptom of callous coaching.

So what was the most egregious offence? The lack of offense! Chip’s catastrophic and cataclysmic play calling had DeMarco Murray, last year’s NFL rushing leader, on the sideline for most of the game. He had eight rushes for a grand total of nine — count ‘em — that’s NINE yards for the game. SERIOUSLY? Nine yards for the game?! The whole game?

I can’t discuss this anymore. I’ll see you at the Dallas game. If Philly fans don’t burn down the Link before then, that is. But then again, let’s not get carried away. Let’s all take a deep breath and calm down.

It’s only one game, right?

2 thoughts on “Chip Is A Chump

  1. Indeed Philly is not a happy place this evening. The game against Dallas next week will be very interesting and the Eagles catch a huge break with Dez Bryant being out. It was only Game 1 but it was obvious from the outset Chip refusing to play the starters more in the pre-season was a mistake. No discipline on either side of the ball in the first half and Atlanta could easily have been up by even more at the half. Philly showed much better in the second half aside from continuing to commit sloppy penalties. Cody Parkey was also limited in the pre-season but Chip Kelly said he was fine. He was not. Murray makes too much money to disappear and the Eagles need more balance and run the ball more. This whole season is on Chip after turning the roster over and he owns this loss for sure.

    1. Well said. Chip had better figure it out or his days in South Philly will be numbered. We loved Andy, but he was pass-happy to. And he got shown the door. Chip Kelly, take note.

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