Coach Frank Hall: Bigger Than Football

SI Cover Frank Hall

Coach Frank Hall doesn’t want to be called or considered a hero. But a hero he is.

It happened in less than a minute. Three students were shot to death; and three more were wounded in a high school outside Cleveland. An assistant football coach, named Frank Hall, helped stop the shooting.

After stopping the shooting at Chardon High School, Coach Hall left Chardon for his home town of Ashtabula County, which had not made the cut for “best place to raise a family.” Thirty-one percent of the kids there live in poverty. The high school had won only two football games in three years. The head coach quit. And that’s how Frank Hall made a comeback.

Tyree Meeks and Damondre Haywood are on Hall’s new team at Lakeside High Ashtabula County. Meeks said that “He changed everything ’round here.” Meeks went on to say that Coach Hall told us that “he’s not only gonna make us great football players, but he’s gonna make us men.”

Watch Coach Hall’s gripping and engrossing story at 

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