Time Out For Tebow


“So Long,” Tim Tebow. Turn out the lights and pull down the shades because the fat lady is singing for you. At least in Philly. For now. Anyway, the Eagles cut Tebow Saturday, but they could pick him back up. Later. Go figure.  This was Tebow’s forth team and his forth cut.  And this one, even though he may not admit it, hurt. Maybe not as much as the Denver fiasco, but it really looked like Tebow tried and vied and strived and struggled, all to no avail, or so it seems.

Philadelphia Eagles’ Head coach Chip Kelly and the Eagles held on to Tebow as long as they could on Saturday before cutting him, but the team eventually had to make the move because Kelly didn’t feel Tebow was good enough to be the Eagles third-string quarterback.

“Tim’s really progressed but we didn’t feel like he was good enough to be the three right now,” Kelly said. “He just needs to get out there and get more reps.”

I still hope that Tim makes it in the NFL.  I do. If not in Philly, somewhere. This last effort and attempt was spirited and spiritual.  Chip Kelly and the Eagles invested a lot into Tebow, tweaking his technique and modifying his mechanics. But, unfortunately, alas, the comeback has hit a setback. But I still hope the best for Timmy.

Tebow doesn’t seem too concerned by any of this; the Bible verse he tweeted out basically means, “God works for the good of those who love him.” Amen Tim.

If Tebow does come back to the Eagles or go to another team and make it, it would be a heavenly story with an earthly meaning. 

Tim Tebow ‏@TimTebow  Sep 5

Thanks @Eagles and Coach Kelly for giving me the opportunity to play the game I love! Romans 8:28 #Blessed

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2 thoughts on “Time Out For Tebow

  1. Informally, I counted only one reporter out of eight in Philly who didn’t think Tebow would make the team. It was a surprise he was cut especially after Matt Barkley had been traded to Arizona. Even more perplexing is the third QB brought in to town, a castoff from Jacksonville who was wildly inconsistent in college at Miami. I don’t know why Chip Kelly even brought Tebow to town when all is said and done. That being said he will continue to succeed as an analyst but more importantly, as a Christian.

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