I TOLD You Brady Wasn’t Guilty!

at M&T Bank Stadium on September 23, 2012 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Actually I didn’t. I don’t like Tom Brady and I don’t like the New England Patriots so I assumed the worst. And herein is the lesson for us all. Don’t believe everything you hear, and make sure you make up your mind for yourself.

Actually Roger Goodell made much ado about nothing. Actually and apparently, it looks like Roger Goodell is going to come out of this stupid “Deflate-Gate” thing stinking like a skunk, and Brady and the Pats are going to come out smelling like a rose.

But not everyone is convinced. Steve Serby of The New York Post said this:

“Teflon Tom Brady got himself a free pass when his four-game NFL suspension was overturned Thursday. Just because Judge Richard M. Berman ruled in favor of your appeal does not mean that you are not guilty in the court of Roger Goodell and the NFL, or in the court of public opinion.

If you are not convinced this signals Vindigate (i.e., vindication) for Teflon Tom — and you should not be — then you have no other conclusion to reach than this: Crime pays. In this case, the crime of cheating. The truth is Teflon Tom lied about his balls, and virtually everyone outside New England knows it.

Teflon Tom had his cell phone destroyed, obstructed NFL justice by keeping electronic transmissions from the league during the Deflategate investigation. Judge Berman’s ruling hardly means he is innocent here. His balls were deflated in the AFC title game.

You can make the argument Teflon Tom did not deserve four games, but he deserved something other than exoneration. Nowhere in his ruling did Judge Berman declare Teflon Tom innocent. No, it was the NFL being guilty of not adequately finding Teflon Tom guilty.”

Oh well. And so the moral of the story is this: the truth is what we should hope for and be happy with, not someone’s version of it. Amen.

2 thoughts on “I TOLD You Brady Wasn’t Guilty!

  1. As the judge continued to ask both parties to meet and meet some more I sensed this would happen. The ruling was indeed against the process, not for acquittal of the act. The judge somehow decided even though the union and the league have a bargained agreement in place saying the Commish has broad powers…he was somehow unfair to Brady. Doesn’t matter what happens in the courts anyway. The Patriots will always be “questionable” to many fans when it comes to fair play.

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