Stay On Your Toes: The Misty Copeland Story


To stay on your toes means to stay alert and attentive and aware and awake and spiritually alive.  And it’s what Misty Copland has done and is doing. So if you need a shot in the arm and a kick in the pants, watch this 60 Minutes feature about her.  You won’t regret it.


Misty’s story is the story of  an ultimate upset, a comeback from way back, and a tremendous turnaround.  She’s an African American, a.k.a., a black beauty who basically backed her way into ballet. She’s gone from living in a motel with her divorced single mom and siblings, to the cover of Time and Essence Magazines, to becoming a ballerina to behold. “She’s changing perceptions one step at a time.” 


Misty Copeland is the embodiment of the American Dream. But more than that, she is a spiritual vision and sacred visualization of what faith and hope and love can do. Misty has overcome more obstacles than many of us ever would even dare to face.  Her story is captivating and compelling and gripping and engrossing – and it deserves to be heard and held in high praise.

I hope to see her perform soon. And you will to.

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