Note to Philly Fans: Don’t Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch

It’s ONLY the Pre-Season, but . . .

Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. This proverb is used to warn someone not to plan anything that depends on a good thing expected to happen in the future; you tell them to wait until it really happens. It is used to tell people not to be too sure that something good you hope for will really happen, because it might not happen after all.

In other words, it’s used for ALL Philly fans everywhere, but especially at the start of this football season. You see, Philly has not won a Super Bowl. Ever. Our Eagles have played in two, only to lose to the Oakland Raiders in 1981 and the New England Patriots in 2005.

But . . . there is reason to hope yet again.

The faith of the Philly Faithful got yet another dose of determination and still another measure of muster last night as the eager Eagles beat the ragged Ravens down to the ground. It was music to our ears and a savory sight to see.

The Eagles demolished another opponent from top to bottom in their 40-17 win over the Ravens on Saturday night. Yes, it was only the preseason, and there were still plenty of mistakes, but Chip Kelly’s troops have been sharp. Even though it’s only August, and while we’ve seen this script before, here’s what we learned in this early win:

1. Sam Bradford can survive a cheap shot. Bradford looked like a wily veteran and a steady All-Pro in the pocket for one series. He was commanding and in command — but it’s only the pre-season.

2. Mark Sanchez and Matt Barkley looked like worthy backups, completing passes and running the offense efficiently — but again, it’s ONLY August.

3. The defense held the Ravens to zero points through three quarters, and three of our best middle linebackers were DNP (did not play) but, repeat after me, it’s only the SECOND game of this preliminary, preparatory season.

4. Kenjon Barner, a backup running back, ran his second punt back for a touchdown in as many games, so it seems that he’s pretty much made the team. But — all together now — It’s ONLY the Pre-Season!

Spiritually speaking, we can’t count on many things, but we can count on God to do everything He promises and pledges to do. That’s what we call faith. It’s not presumption or premise; it’s not probability or possibility; it’s confidence and not conjecture in the power and capacity and muscle and might and strength and strong arm of our Almighty God.

So what can we learn? What can we glean and garner and gather from this, a precursor of a game that may or may not predict and prefigure and forecast and foretell the near future? Maybe not a whole lot, but I’ll tell you what, I’d rather do well in practice than fair poorly in my preparation. I’d rather win when it doesn’t count than lose while no one is watching. I’d rather get a running start than start running flatfooted or back on my heels.

So we all know that it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. But starting good is not so bad. Starting fast is better than finishing slow. Winning in the pre-season hopefully will lead to winning all during the season. And for my Eagles, big wins in August will hopefully translate to big wins in December. So let’s not get our hopes up but let’s keep hope alive. Because what have we, and what are we, without hope?

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