“The Donald” May Trump Them All


Donald Trump is running for president. Of the United States. Of America. And in case you haven’t thought this through, as volatile and visceral as he’s been in the past, the fact that he’s running is not the big news. The fact — and it is a fact — that Trump could actually WIN the White House is even more jolting and jarring, at least for some of us. Coming out of the recent Republican Candidates Debate, he’s the front-runner. That’s right. Trump has actually taken the lead and leads the pack — and it’s certainly a pitiful pack of possibles at that —  with 25% of the vote, according to some sources.

“Bloomberg Politics Managing Editor Mark Halperin stated that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has ‘reached a turning point’ where the ‘establishment candidates’ think he can win Iowa; ‘most’ believe he can win the nomination, and ‘a significant number think he could win the White House.’ ” Of all the paltry possibles running, Trump may in fact trump them all.

 And “The Donald” may well trump us all.  He’s pulling no punches and taking no prisoners.  And since politics is a blood sport, we will certainly see much more of his brash, brazen, bravado until the final whistle sounds and the fat lady sings after the last ballot is tallied next Fall. 

So what does all of this mean? Well, for starters, it’s important to know that sports and politics are similar and the same. Politics is like baseball because the season is long and the race is not given to the swift nor the battle to the strong. Politics is like football because the ball, or the focus of the “game,” has an uncanny tendency to bounce in a funny way. Politics is like basketball because you need to play all four quarters; winning the first half doesn’t necessarily mean that you will win the game, which can be won and lost in the last two minutes. And politics is like hockey; you have to be strong and be able to take a hit.

Politics is like sports and sports are like politics. You don’t know who is going to win, so that’s why you play the games and keep score.  Anything can happen to change the race between now and Election Day, 2016.  And so the lesson is this: if the believers who still believe that God’s got the whole world in his hands will just believe and stop telling Heaven who should be in the White House, then our faith in Him will carry us through.

2 thoughts on ““The Donald” May Trump Them All

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    And after last night’s first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and “The Donald” Trump, as poorly as the republican candidate may have performed, what I shared last August bears repeating.

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