Nowhere To Go But Up

boxer rickyhatton on his back
Ever felt like you’d hit rock bottom, and then the bottom fell out? Ever felt like you were flat on your back staring up at the ceiling? Ever felt like it was over, you were finished, and the fight was finaled out? Well, if that’s where you are or where you’ve been lately, there’s hope. You have nowhere to go but up.

And for the subject, verb and predicate of today’s lesson we have the Philadelphia Phillies. They have the worst record in baseball, ergo they are the worst team in baseball, and they just traded two of their best pitchers, Cole Hamels, who just threw a NO-HITTER mind you, and a viable relief pitcher.

But I get it. I absolutely get it. The Phils are “rebuilding.” So dump all of the overpaid, overpriced, under-achieving, under-performing old farts while you can still get something for them, and move on.

Here’s what one tweeter said of the Hamel (and possible Howard) trade: “I think if they trade Howard and Hamels to the Braves for a 46th round draft pick they will eliminate two H names from their roster and be in a better balanced position in the universe.” HA! LOL!

And here’s what another tweeted: “In order to win you need a Killer Instinct.” Amen. You need to go for the jugular every time. And in order to win, you take no prisoners. Period.

So there are 3 kinds of teams,
Level 1 ” It’d be nice if we could win.”
Level 2 “Maybe we can win.”
Level 3 ” What do you mean, “Maybe?”

The Phils are on Level 1. In order to rise, they need a gung ho player who will get in the face of someone who does not produce. And so do you. When you aren’t producing, you need someone to recognize where you are and help you get to where you need to go.

I’d rather be a level 3 team. How about you? So rise up and stop wallowing in the past. Stop wallowing in defeat and dejection and depression. Rise up.

After all, you have nowhere to go but up.

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