Of Bats and Balls and Bases


What’s so big about baseball? Whats the big deal about bats and balls and bases and strikes and steals and walks and walk-offs and fly-outs and ground-outs and foul balls and relief pitching and wild pitches and double plays? Why do some like baseball so much? Then again, why do others like baseball so little? Why do some love baseball and others loathe it?

For the lovers, it’s all about the hot bats and the long balls and running the bases. And don’t forget about the lights-out pitching. Great hitters are fun to watch. They get on a hot streak and it seems like every time they’re up to bat, the ball is going to get hit and the bases are going to be run. There’s something about the talent it takes and the mental toughness that makes a good ball player.

Baseball is timing and technique and torque all rolled up into one. It’s velocity and veracity and pace and power and patience and speed and spunk and spirit that make baseball great. And all of these and a thousand other things besides are why we love baseball. And that’s why others don’t watch until there’s a pennant race.

Baseball, for some, is like watching paint dry. For most, a boring game between a bad bunch of bumpkins is worse than going to the dentist when you have a tooth ache. For all, enduring an ugly game between undisciplined teams is tantamount watching grass grow. It’s torture. But that’s true in any sport, and it’s especially magnified when you have awful, appalling teams battling for nothing.

And the same is true in life.  We all long for meaning. We sense the need for significance and substance. We all loathe meaningless and nothingness living.  Our gut tells us that our lives must mean something, or they aren’t worth anything. A meaningless game is, in my opinion, a waste of time. Yes games must be played because they’re on the schedule, but even the players know that a game that doesn’t MEAN something won’t be worth playing, or watching.  

And same is true with your life. Jesus Christ gives your life meaning. Jesus died because our lives have worth and value.  And life is worth living just because He lives. The bottom line is this: Jesus is the reason that life is worth living.

And so back to baseball. Since its mid-July and August is right around the corner, it’s time to check the standings to see where your team stands (this directive DOES NOT, of course, apply to Philly fans). It’s time to root, root, root for your home team. It’s time to follow those hot bats, gaze at those high, fly balls, and cheer the boys of summer on as they round the bases for home.

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