Extra Effort: A Lot More Than A Little Extra

Lebron Curry NBA-Finals-

In order for LeBron James or Stephen Curry to win the 2015 NBA Title, extraordinary and extravagant effort will be required. In order for Golden State to win the golden trophy and in order for the Cleveland Cavaliers to be the crystal clear winners of this NBA season, extra energy and extra exertion and extra sweat and extra swagger will be par for the course.

The team that hoists the Larry O’Brien Trophy above their heads will be the team that gives a lot more than a little extra. Much more than minimal and a lot more that lackadaisical effort will be the mandatory mission and mandate this time around. And this compulsory compulsion to win at all costs should make for a magnificently marvelous NBA Finals.

LeBron is playing above his head and proving that he’s the best basketball player in the business. Conversations and chatter are all concentrated on whether LeBron is in fact the greatest basketball player of all time. And he’s making a good argument and leaving little room for doubt.

Stephen Curry is playing head and shoulders above the NBA crowd and proving that he wasn’t voted the League MVP this year for nothin’. Discussions and dialogue about Curry all dialed in on how versatile and veritable the All Star guard is.


So who will it be? How will this go down? How will this end up? Who will give the extra effort that’s essential to excel? The best player or the best team? The reigning King or the up and coming prince? The one who has never won before or the one who looks to win time and again? Time will tell. Or I will: my heart is with Curry but my head is with the one who will win – and that’s James and the Cleveland LeBroner’s in Six.

So let’s learn the lesson. In order to get to where we want to go and seed the future with what we want to sow so that we can garner what we want to grow, it’s going to take more than talk; it’s going to take extra effort. It’s going to take going the extra mile and giving the extra coat and doing all of the little things.

In sports and in life, extra is not an option. It’s a necessary necessity.

The extra pass and the extra effort on defense always get the job done.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

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