Why Aren’t You Watching The NBA Playoffs?

Stephen-Curry-10If you haven’t been watching the NBA playoffs this year, then shame on you. This year we are witnessing history in the making. This year is not like many or any of the recent past, previous years. This year the playoffs are actually worth the watch. And to be sure, we’re talkin’ the Conference Finals.

Two teams and two men. The Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Stephen Curry and LeBron James. Two who seem totally determined to define their destiny. Steth Curry is the newly crowned League MVP and LeBron “King” James is proving that he’s still the defacto MVP. And they’re both headed for a head-to-head showdown in this year’s NBA Finals.

We are watching and witnessing in awestruck wonder the best in recent memory. In the Western Conference Finals, the No. 1 Warriors are playing the No. 2. Rockets. And in the Eastern Conference Finals, the No. 1 Hawks are playing the No. 2 Cavaliers. And “playing” is certainly in quotes, because both the Cavs and the Warriors are up 3-0 against their inferior foes, and both teams are redefining basketball as we know it.

Last night, May 24th, on paper, the Cavs beat the Hawks 114-111 in overtime. It was a thriller. LeBron and the Cav’s started slow, as LeBron went zero for his first ten shots. Yet the Cav’s forced OT, and then gutted out a gutsy win in the end. In reality, LeBron beat the Hawks, all by himself. His stat line was 37 points, 18 rebounds and 13 assists. A triple double. When his team needed him the most, he proved that he could be counted on to be the best. And not only is LeBron playing without the Cav’s starting center, Kevin Love, but their point guard, Kyrie Irving is out with injuries too. So how are the Cav’s winning? One guess: LeBron James.

On Saturday night, May 23rd, the Warriors wiped and walloped the Hawks, IN ATLANTA, 115 to 80. That’s a 35 point win. Curry had 40 points, 7 assists and 5 rebounds. He led his team against a team that HAD to win in order to avoid falling into a 0-3 hole. And yet Curry proved yet again that he is a true warrior. He proved that he’s the new kid on the block that’s here to stay and he’s not going away.

“To be the best you gotta’ beat the best.” And it looks like that’s what we’re going to have in this year’s finals. The best meets the best. Everybody that understands the spirituality of sports understands that this is no ordinary occasion or routine ride. Anyone and everyone who understands anything about any sport at all knows that the best team doesn’t always win. But we say it anyway. In reality it’s like this: may the best man win. And this year, it’s coming down and shaping up to just that.

Two teams who have two men who are the best at their position. These two men who are answering the bell round after round and winning the fight. These two men are hitting the go ahead shot and making the game winning catch and sinking the tournament winning put like only superstars can. So long live the King. All Hail King James. And here’s to the new kid on the block.

Who’s going to win? Who’s going to prove to be the best? Let’s just watch in wonder and witness as each super star tries to knuckle the other under.

So let’s take it from LeBron James and Stephen Curry. Let’s do our best and give our best and be our best every round, every day and in every way because the world is watching the witness of Christians. If we do or give or say anything less, we won’t be worth watching. We will be like salt that has lost its savor. And remember, our best is not our perfection. It’s trusting that God will perfect us.

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