Sports Moms Are The Best

sports mom

All moms are great but sports moms are the best. The moms that spend and spent their weekends taking us to soccer games and traveling to tennis matches and trecking to track meets “ROCK and RULE!” Moms that braved the winter cold and sweltered in the summer sun to watch us play are the best moms money can’t afford. Moms that spend their waking hours on Saturdays, Sundays and most any day on the side lines shouting and on the front lines cheering and at the finish line tearing for their tots are at the top of their class.

Moms that cut up oranges for the team and dice up apples for the gang and put up with the mixed nuts in the minivan to carpool them to the game are the finest you can find. Moms that are there at the beginning and stay until the bitter end are the belles of the ball and the divas of the dance. Moms that signed us up for gymnastics and golf and baseball and basketball and hockey and horseback riding are the real MVPs. Moms that sew up torn jerseys and patch up worn sweatshirts and gather up stray gym bags are indeed the cream of the crop and very best moms around town.

Moms that go to cross-country courses and inner city heats and out-of-town swim meets are the pick of the litter. Moms that kiss the scraped knees and extract the sting of bumble bees are the very brightest bulbs in the box. Moms that pay for our fees and cover our costs and front us money and forgive our debts are “da bomb.” Moms that fix our muddles and clean up our mess are better than the best. Moms that untangle and untie and unravel our knots and our kinks and our quirks and do it with love and laughter and all kinds of affection but without any objection are queens indeed.

My wife and my sister and my co-workers and my friends, and of course, my mom too, drove hither and yon and picked us up and dropped us off at games and practices and tryouts and final rounds at all times of the day and in every sort of way – through the storm and through the rain and in sickness and in pain — because they’re a sports mom. These sports moms bought us uniforms and team jackets and windbreakers and new spikes and God knows whatever else we told them we needed to play the game right. These sports moms nursed sports injuries and celebrated singular victories like no other.

So here’s to all of the moms out there everywhere, and for the sports moms who even now and at this very moment are completing their calling and doing their duty all for the sake of their darling daughters and favorite sons so that they can play the games they love.

Thanks Mom. And Happy Mother’s Day!


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