Memo to LeBron James: You Can’t Win Without Love

Kevin Love Shoulder Injury

LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers lost Game 1 of their second round playoff series with the Chicago Bulls because they did not have love — Kevin Love. The Cavs were beat to the ball and banged on the boards en route to a convincing win for the Bulls who led from the start in a 99-92 victory over the short-handed Cavs.

Kevin Love may not have gotten much love during the season, but he certainly is getting a lot of love now. And he’s not even on the court. He’s out for 4-6 months because his shoulder was dislocated for him by Boston Celtics forward Kelly Olynyk. In case you’re still on the fence on this one, let me help you out. Olynyk did it on purpose. Period. There was malicious and malevolent intent on Olynyk’s part. Just watch the video and judge for yourself. Anyway, back to the Cav’s chances of winning without Love.

Zero. That’s right. Zip and zilch, nil and nada. That’s how much of a chance LeBron and the Cavs have without Love. He’s their core and their center, their heart and their hub, and without Love in the middle, there’s a donut hole in the center that cannot be filled with anything else.

So it is with life. Love is our lifeline. Without love, we are lost and lonely, listless and languid, lackluster and lethargic. Love is like a blanket; it keeps us warm and dry and covered. Without love, we are exposed and expelled, unguarded and unprotected. Love is our constant comfort and our ceaseless solace. Without love, we are miserable and vulnerable, unhappy and unfulfilled.

We can’t win without love. We won’t win without love. It’s that simple. Love is the linchpin. Love is the center and the focus. Love is the keystone and the cornerstone. And for many, love is the missing link.  Love is “better than wine” and “love is as strong as death.” Love is the way.

God is love. And we love God because God first loved us, and God so loved us.  We should show love and share love. We should love our way through. So learn to love. Learn how to love. And Learn why we love. 

LeBron James is learning fast. With Kevin Love he had a chance at another championship ring. Without Love the Cavs will be out of the playoffs sooner than later. Like LeBron, with love we have everything; without love, we aint got nothin’.

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