The Mets Are In First Place?


The New York Mets are in 1st place?  Yes, the New York Mets are in 1st place! That’s right, the New York Mets are in FIRST, with the best record in Baseball (it needs to be repeated repeatedly to sink in). Not just in their Division, the National League East, with the Atlanta Braves and ‘Da Nationals, but in all of Major League Baseball. Go figure. Certainly all Yankee Fans everywhere are scratching their heads and shaking their heads right about now. On the other hand, Mets Fans, where are you? Come out, come out wherever you are!

After 15 games, not many people — correction: NOT ANYBODY — had the New York Mets pegged as the team to beat and to have baseball’s best record, but that’s exactly where they stand. The Mets are riding a 10-game winning streak and are now 12-3 on the season. The Last time they had that record through 15 games, they ended the season on a high note and won the World Series.

In 1986, the last time the Mets were this hot to start a season, they won the Fall Classic in the infamous Buckner series. That team was loaded with veteran talent and was actually in stark contrast to this current squad.  This streak may not last long. Or maybe it will? Baseball’s a funny game. But one thing’s for certain — the generally underachieving ‘Amazin’s’ have emerged as one of the best stories of the first month of this season.

Now, over the course of this early April season, the Mets have completely altered the conversation.  They’re doing it with pitching and with defense and with teamwork and with timing, and well, dare I say, with Providence? They’ve dramatically changed the sense of what they are capable of — probably in most fans’ minds and certainly in their own. In church we call it faith; so why should we use another word in sports when we mean the same thing? 

The Mets have gone from bottom feeders to World Series contenders. In the blink of an eye. Wow. I know how it feels. For now, the Mets are out of their year-in, year-out lingering in last place slump. And thank God I’m out of mine, so that means you can get out of yours too.

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