Boycott The 1st Round of the NBA Playoffs

SI Lebron in Cleveland

Reasons why I’m Going to Boycott The 1st Round of The NBA Playoffs:

I’m going to boycott and bypass, shew and shun, elude and evade, duck, dodge and decline watching  the First Round of the NBA Playoffs.  Period.  Why? For starters, they don’t  matter. They don’t mean much and they don’t measure up. No lower seeded team is going to beat a higher seeded team.  It jus’ ain’t gonna’ happen.  

And so let’s sit in and sit out, object and send up an outcry in protest against the First Round of the NBA Playoffs.  Somebody needs to say SOMETHING!

And so the only real drama in the 2015 NBA Playoffs is this: can Lebron win a title in Cleveland? Or will Golden State prove to be the golden goose? But surely I digress.  Back to the futile and frivolous First Round.

On the other hand,  winning games is still important. The easy lesson here is that you don’t win big, important games unless and until you win small and insignificant games. PERIOD.

That being said, wake me when the NBA starts playing significant games in the playoffs.  And that’s NOT in the first round.  So join me. march with me, picket and protest with me.  The Playoffs are too long and there’s too much time between games and there’re too many teams . . . and so on and so on and so on.

So please pass me the bottle because I think need some  Guida cheese with my whinning. Most of us don’t like the menial and the mundane, the humdrum and the ho-hum, the regular and the ritual, because it’s not exciting or interesting or compelling.

What we don’t want to hear is that it’s an attitude that turns the mundane into something more meaningful. It’s our attitude that turns the booring into the beautiful and the churlish into the charming and the vile into the vibrant. And that is a spiritual thing.

But this rule DOES NOT apply to the First Round of the NBA Playoffs.  It just doesn’t. So there.

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