All Eyes Are On Kentucky!

Coach-John-Calipari-Don’t bet against Kentucky; don’t do it. Don’t wager the farm or mortgage the barn betting on them to lose. Don’t do it. But then again, if you’re betting on them to win, figuratively, of course, that’s not a bad gamble to take. Coach Calipari is pointing the way and his band of basketball bandits simply need to take heed to make hay.

Kentucky is long and lean, but they like to preen, and so their only weakness is their lack of meekness. Kentucky has a point to prove and a goal to get and that’s the National Championship and the undefeated season that goes with it. They want to everyone to see just how good they are, and indeed can be.

Kentucky is deep and dynamic, formidable and seemingly indomitable. They are the overwhelming favorite and the designated darling; deservedly, they are definitely and without a doubt the obvious front-runner to win it all. But can it happen? Yes. Will it happen? Perhaps and maybe and probably and they might as well. This Kentucky team is so seriously good, it’s not even funny. They are far and away the best team in college basketball. They just have to prove it by winning it all.

But nothing is certain in March. Not the weather or even the winner of any college basketball game played in the season of unpredictable temperatures and unforeseeable tendencies. Teams that seem to play only half of the way and barely make the tournament play lights out in March. Teams with no chance to go even some of the way and no business going any of the way have a knack for going almost or even all the way as they knock off favorites and bust up brackets.

But teams that win in spite of the madness will weather the winds and winter the waves and matriculate through the maze that has no clear path to the end or the other side. If Kentucky can navigate and negotiate their ship through the Sargasso-like Sea of curious currents and land their ship ashore without the hull breaking up, then they do indeed belong in basketball lore forevermore.

So here’s to John Vincent Calipari and his young team of heady, hearty, history makers. Every eye is on you. Go Cats!

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