Don’t Stop The Madness!

MD Terps BBall

That’s right; don’t stop the madness.

For all tried and true, red, white and blue sports fans, this is the most wonderful time of the year. And we love it. The Super Bowl is only one game, the World Series doesn’t generate the gusto, and the NBA and NHL Finals pale in comparison to the madness of March. So don’t stop it.

The madness of it all is that no-one, and I mean no-one, can predict the outcome and the ending and the final score or the margin of victory or the magnitude of misery that will be produced  over the next three weekends.  And there are so many unanswered questions, like these: Can Kansas go all the way? If they don’t who will be the team to stop them. Maryland?   Will there be another Cinderella? And the amusement of the madness is that we don’t know, but we’ll watch as many games as we can to find out.

The NCAA Men’s and Women’s Basketball Tournaments, held every year in the month of March, together (but mostly the men’s – sorry ladies) are considered the premier sporting events in the United States, bar none. It’s a fortnight of watching games and gambles, buzzer beaters and Cinderella sleepers, wild wins and disparaging defeats, all rolled into one raucous ride to the Championship games.

There are a lot of things in sports that need to be stopped, but March Madness isn’t one of them. Out of control boosters and student athletes not earning degrees and the unspoken evil of the “amateur status” of college athletics are all unresolved issues. On the professional front, “free” agency that costs teams millions, out-of- bounds behavior off the field and out of this world salaries are just a few things that need to be reined in, but for now, let’s enjoy another month of college basketball when the underdog is top dog and the favorite may be finished in the first few games.

The madness of it all is that the tournament is still pure and unpolluted, uncontaminated and unadulterated, and no hint of a fix or a fraud can be allegated or substantiated. Yes, there’s the every-year whimpering and whining over the last four teams allowed in and the first four teams left out, but this is all a part of the madness. How DID UCLA get in? Why did Temple get left out? We’ll never settle that argument, so we just live with it and move on. It’s all part and particle of the insanity and the absurdity. And we love it.

So, what needs to be repaired and resolved in your life? Got any madness that needs to be mended? Got any lunacy that needs to be lifted? If you’re like me, you’ve got plenty and a heap. Just make sure that the madness you mend and the lunacy you lend isn’t the glue that’s actually holding the whole ball of wax together.

Most are glad that God so loved this mad, medicated, fast and furious, fuming and infuriated world. God is Love, and Love is a verb, and so Love had to do something for this world. So Love gave His only son to die for this mad, medicated, fast and furious, fuming and infuriated world. And the outrageous and outlandish part of it all is that He loves us in spite of us. That to some, is crazy. That to some, is madness. But don’t stop it. Because we won’t make it without it.

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