Playing King of the Hill: Getting On Top and Staying On Top Are Two Different Things


Remember playing King of the Hill?  What fun, especially for those big kids who could throw the smaller ones around like rag dolls.  The goal of the game was not only to get to the top, but to stay on top.

I didn’t and don’t watch that crass and crude animated sitcom “King of the Hill,” and I hope you don’t either. Nonetheless, its popularity is undeniable. (Who watches that trash, anyway? — Somebody does).  Anyway, after its debut, the series became a large success for Fox Television and was named one of the best television series by various publications, including Entertainment Weekly, Time, and TV Guide. For the 1997–1998 season the series became one of Fox’s highest-rated programs and even briefly outperformed The Simpsons in ratings. Go figure.  “King of the Hill” was indeed atop of the TV game.

 We all want to get to the top. We strive and we struggle and attempt and attack projects and plans and desires and destinies all designed to get us to the peak and pinnacle of our game. But getting there, while it may be half the fun, it’s also only half the fight. We not only want to get on top, we want to stay on top.

My Maryland Terrapins are now ranked No. 10 in the AP Poll. Presumably, they’re the 10th best team in the Country right now. They’re still worse than the first and not better than the best, but they’re in the TOP 10! Go Terps!

So how do YOU get on top? Let the rest of us know, because what works for one should work for all, right? It’s a fight for first, and a fight to the finish. We all must do what it takes to win, while at the same time you must let the game come to you. Knowing you’re going to win is akin to being better than the best.

So how do you STAY on top? How to you stay on top of your game and your goals and your aims and your aspirations? You keep the pedal to the medal.  Keep your nose to the grind. Keep doing the little things and the big things will take care of themselves. Sounds easy, right?

So here’s to my team, the University of Maryland Men’s Basketball Team. They’re exceeding expectations, and surpassing all pre-season estimations.  Good for them. And my prayer is that we all do the same thing in this wide open, wacky and wonderful game called life.

The Bible way to get on top is to go straight to the bottom. The Biblical way to go up is to go down. It’s contrary to conventional thinking but it’s precisely and exactly what Heaven would have us to do. Spiritually speaking, we all need to humble ourselves, and then let God exalt us in due time. It’s the only sure-fire way to get, and stay on top.

Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time: 

1 Peter 5:6 KJV

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