Will Kentucky Go Undefeated?


What’s all the hub bub about? Well, It’s all about this . . .

Will Kentucky Go Undefeated? The Kentucky Wildcats Men’s Basketball team is 25-0.  These ‘Cats are undefeated and unbeaten and seemingly unbeatable and unassailable.   The last college team to go undefeated was Bobby Knight’s Indiana Hoosiers team in 1976, 39 years ago.  And because it’s been so long, and it’s especially so hard, some are asking, not if but when.

When will Kentucky lose a game?  And will a loss tarnish their legacy or expunge our expectancy that they are the best ever? Because that’s what these boys are playing for; they’re playing to answer the ages and become more than an iota of sports antiquity.  And so the question is, are they the best college team, ever? Judge for Yourself.  


Why is this such a big deal? Because we all want to know how good this Kentucky team is. We all want to know if Kentucky will be beat or if Kentucky will beat themselves.  As we all know, anything can happen in college basketball in March. Yes, the month of March is right around the corner, and that must mean that the madness of March is right behind it.  So we’re all watching and waiting, hoping and hyping, wanting and wishing and hopeful and heartened that we are watching history in the making.

But what about you? Let’s not get so consumed with sports that we forget about life. (Wait – what? Is that me talking?) That’s right. Sports is just a game. (Hold your breath, I’m going somewhere with this.)  That’s right, I said it, sports is just a game. It’s importance lies in the truth that it teaches us about the game of life.  And so the question is will YOU go undefeated? Or will you continue to go up and down and in and out and back and forth from day-to-day and week to week; from month to month and from year to year?  

Decide that you will not go down without a fight. Decide that you will go undefeated, mentally and emotionally and spiritually; and, on the off-chance that you lose a game or two, decide to bounce back.  Decide. Don’t listen to the pundits and predictors and analysts and authorities that say you can’t make it. Don’t fall for the fallacy that you don’t have what it takes.

Get yourself a good coach (and say what you want, John Calipari is a good Coach.) Decide that you will silence the critics; decide that you will disappoint the devil who is just waiting and watching for you to fall.

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