For Philly Fans, Almost Doesn’t Count


As you all may know, I’m form Philly. And Philly Fans have a reputation, or more precisely, a “Rep.” We play hard and we are die-hard fans of our teams. We win or we go home. And lately, we’ve been sitting home on the sofa a lot. But hopefully that will change. Soon. So come on 2015 NFL Season. But surely I digress . . .

As you all know, almost doesn’t count. I saw a Facebook News Feed today about the 76ers “almost” beating the No. 1 Team in the NBA, the Golden State Warriors. Really? Seriously? For Philly Fans, “almost” just doesn’t count. You either win or you lose. You’re either a winner or, well, you’re losing games and not winning them. It’s that simple. At least at the professional level it is.

As for almost doing anything, I don’t think any of us rejoice or relish “almost” doing anything. Right? I mean, do ladies almost like eating chocolate, or almost going on a hot date, or almost having someone to hug and hold and cuddle and snuggle with? Come on! It is or it aint. It’s just that simple. At least at the everyday life level it is.

So, don’t almost do a good deed. Don’t almost smile or laugh or be fun or be a friend. Do it! Be kind, be nice, be helpful, and do all of the things that you want others to do for you.

Because almost just doesn’t count. Unless you were almost going to lose, or hit someone, or drive off a cliff.. Right, New England Fans?

Check out Brandy’s song, which is so on point.


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