How My Team Broke My Heart

  Dissapointed Fan

The Seattle Seahawks broke my heart. 

The Seahawks  were the heart-throb of football and are heartbeat of Seattle, but last night, with a mere 26 seconds left in the game and a meager 36 inches left to drive to the goal line, their collective heart stopped beating as they gave half the football world a near heart attack.

The hearts of hundreds skipped at least one beat as Seattle lost a jaw-dropper in the most dramatic way.  The Seahawks were one play and one yard away from scoring the go ahead touchdown against the hated, heinous New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX.  Instead, they broke my heart, and the hearts of the howling, hollering, hopeful Hawk fans who just knew that victory was a blink of an eye away.

Hearts were broken at the end of a very entertaining, if not enjoyable (at least for half the football world) Super Bowl. Instead of giving the ball to Marshawn Lynch and instead of running into the end zone and running away with the victory, Coach Pete Carroll inexplicably called a pass play over the middle of the field in traffic.  Instead of Russell Wilson throwing the ball to Marshawn Lynch in the flat (a play that worked earlier in the game) Russell inexplicably followed those inordinate orders and threw an interception at the goal line.  And the game was over. And my heart was broken.

My heart was broken because the Hawks had a 10 point lead late in the third quarter. Then, after they blew the lead, they had a chance to win the game right after a miracle catch that left them in the Red Zone on the edge of their second consecutive Super Bowl Championship. Yet they chose to break my heart.

And lest I appear too hard and too harsh, we must remember that the Seahawks must be hurting something awful today, as they realize they were just a hop, skip and a jump from a sweet victory. Instead, they endured a bitter defeat. Instead, they threw the game away, blew their blessing and bungled their bonus as they made a monstrous mistake after a disastrous decision.

So just what is the spiritual significance,  you ask? For one, Jesus does not break hearts. He helps our hopes and develops our dreams. Jesus is a promise keeper and a destiny deliverer. He will never let us down just so long as we lift Him up and put all of our trust in Him. That’s the good news.

As for football, after last’s night’s disappointment, I’m done —  at least until next year.

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