Mad Enough To Win


Are you mad enough to win?  All of the great greats and super superstars in sports know that in order to win at the highest level, you have to get mad enough to win.

Richard Sherman is mad enough to win.  Sherman has eight interceptions, which ties his total from last season and leads the NFL. Many of Sherman’s biggest plays have come in decisive moments. And most of the time it seems that Sherman is playing angry, with a chip on his shoulder and with something to prove.

Anger has a purpose. It fuels the fire of our passion and can drive the demons of doubt and despair down the drain. Anger, like any emotion, is functional. The purpose of anger is to identify violations to our well-being.  After anger identifies a violation of our well-being, it can then bring empowering energy for an appropriate expressive response.

When we realize and recognize wrong, anger should kick in. When we see and sense that our opponent is a fierce fiend, anger should kick in.  When we are countered and contested, anger should register and resonate to the point that we will not tolerate being down or deflated or dejected or defeated any more.

God gets angry, and for good reason. “God is angry with the wicked every day” (Psalm 7:11). God hates evil, and we should too. God hates injustice, and we should too. God hates badness and blackness and sickness and sadness, and we should too.

So, in order to defeat our enemy, we need to get angry. But be careful; we are to “Be ye angry, and sin not” (Ephesians  4:26). That means our anger has a positive purpose, and not a single, solitary negative notion.

Jesus, our coach and consultant, was angry.  “And he looked around at them with anger, grieved at their hardness of heart.” Jesus defeated death, hell and the grave because he was angry with the side –effects of sin. And we should be too.

And so the next time you feel down and get depressed or dejected or despondent — get mad. Get mad at the situation and get mad enough to do something positive about it.  Do like Richard Sherman and intercept the attempts of the enemy to defeat you. Just get down-right junkyard dog mad. 

Get mad enough to win.

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