The Thrill Of Victory 2.0

Dez Wells

There’s nothing like the thrill of victory. Nothing. To win the way the Seattle Seahawks won the NFC Championship game is beyond words. And now, here we go again. My University Of Maryland Terrapins came back from being down 11 at halftime and 14 in the second period to stun Northwestern 68 – 67.

Maryland, at 18-3, is having a magical season. They began the 2014-2015 campaign unranked, but are now No. 16 in the Country after being ranked as high as No. 13. in the AP Top 25 Poll. And the Terps were on the verge of losing their second straight as they were stinking up the house, AT HOME, playing mediocre ball, until they mounted a furious comeback. And with 1.4 seconds left on the clock, senior Dez Wells rebounded an errant Melo Trimble three-point attempt and sunk the shot of his life. Wells’ “put-back” basket proved to be the game winner.

Northwestern lead practically the whole way, save a 3-1 lead by Maryland, which turned out to be an ephemeral feeling that faded faster than the memory of a bad first date.

But back to winning. When you win, all of the bad, base, and boorish details are at best belittled and at worst wetted down like dirty water gone down the drain. And if there’s a bad part of winning, that’s it. We still need to learn from our mistakes, and winning sometimes doesn’t allow us to do that.

Nonetheless, there’s still no feeling like winning. None. There’s no sense, no sensation, no taste, no smell, and no sound so exhilarating or exciting as overcoming and overpowering and overriding an enemy or an opponent. None.

So, in order to experience the thrill of victory consistently, we must do the things that are necessary to win. We must do all of the little things, the mundane things, the day-in-and day out things that we don’t feel like doing but must needs do in order to experience the thrill of victory on a daily basis. It sounds easy, but it’s not. But it’s worth it. Just ask Dez Wells.

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