Recipe For A Miracle 2.0

Believe (2)

The Seattle Seahawks won in a wonderful way. And the Seahawks’ magical, mystical, marvel of a win against the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship Game was a wonderful win for us all. It was also a lesson in how to follow the recipe (and if you’re Green Bay, how NOT to follow the recipe) for a miracle.

This one was for all those who don’t believe in miracles. This one was for all the theologians who say the time for miracles has past. And this one was for all of us who do believe, but are hungering and hankering for a sign of hope or a signal from heaven not to throw up our hands and not to throw in the towel.

The ‘Hawks miraculous mastery of the surprisingly strong Packers (especially Aaron Rodgers) at the end of the game was a surprise to us all. The home team overcome a 16 point deficit; they overcame four interceptions by Russell Wilson; they scored on a fake field goal attempt, a.k.a. a “trick” play; and they somehow got the ball to bounce their way when they needed to recover an on-side kick. And all of that happened in 3 Minutes! And all of that HAD to happen in order for them to win. Without every domino standing in its place, the whole house of cards would have come tumbling down on their heads.

The Seahawks followed the recipe to a “T.” Russell Wilson said they kept believing and did not doubt. That’s it. That’s the recipe. We must quickly add that belief is faith, and faith without works is dead. So, Seattle did all of the right things as they believed. In other words, it takes more than faith; it takes faith AND works, but faith must go first.

Green Bay, on the other hand, did not follow the recipe as they did all of the wrong things late in the game. As their lead evaporated and was eviscerated, doubt and disbelief certainly crept in. Then that “OH NO!” feeling fell on them like the Seattle mist descending from the sky.  That eerie, spooky, ghastly feeling of a win slowly, slipping away and looping into a loss did them in just as much as did their late game goofs and gaffs and glitches. Doing “something” about your circumstance must also include doing the right thing.

Seattle also wants to remind us that the recipe for a miracle win includes all the ingredients of a regular, run of the mill, garden variety win with one exception: the odds have to be set and stacked and piled and heaped and mounted and assembled against you such that your only hope is that you must have a miracle to win.

So how about you? Have your circumstances made a circumference round about you? Are you behind? Are you trying desperately to catch up? Take hope. There’s still a lot more “game” left to play. Don’t let your circumstances set the agenda. Let your God set the agenda! Circumstances don’t run things — God does. And so again, the recipe for a miracle is short and sweet. Just believe and put feet to your faith; then wait and watch God work.

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