Too Legit To Quit

Rose Bowl

This time, the hype was not hysteria. The Oregon Ducks are in fact and indeed for real.  They’re quick, they’re fast, they’re strong, and they proved that they can bang with, and even beat down, the big boys.  And they’re too legit to quit, and that’s why they will win the National Championship.

This time, the actual games were better than all the glitter. And James Winston and Florida State actually lost a game, badly. And Alabama also lost (and some have reacted gladly). We all knew the time was coming (for Oregon to win big and Winston to lose bad), it’s just that it all came to a head and it all came crashing down in one fell swoop.

In the Rose Bowl this time, the second-seeded Ducks (13-1) scored six straight times they touched the ball in the second half, with five of the touchdowns covering at least 21 yards and the last four coming after Florida State turnovers. Marcus Mariota and the Ducks are built for speed and in a flash they turned the first College Football Playoff semifinal game into a Rose Bowl rout. The final score: OREGON 59, FLORIDA STATE 20, and it wasn’t that close.

This time, it’s time that the truth comes out.  And ultimately the truth will come out. The critics have been downing and dogging the Ducks for far too long .That time is over. Now, it’s time for Oregon to shine for the football world to see.  And those of us who love God and live for God and are determined to disappoint the devil are also coming to the light for all the whole wide world to see. 

It’s about time for those who have been reborn and redeemed and restored and repaired by the power of God to predominate and prevail.  It’s about time for those who have been revived and revamped and refreshed and reframed by the Almighty God to overcome and overpower every archrival and every archenemy.  And it’s time for those of us who have been regenerated and resuscitated and refurbished and redecorated by the Spirit of God to know that we are destined to defeat and destroy every opponent and every antagonist that dares to even approach us.

And so the spiritual tie-in is clear: it’s time. It’s time to conquer hate with love. It’s time to redirect wrong by doing right.  And it’s time to overcome evil with good.  It’s just time, because believers of God are too legit to quit.

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