A Nightmare On Broad Street

nightmare on Broad St

Ok – So I turned on the TV last night all set to watch the big game and I got the surprise of my life. Instead of football, a movie came on. It was an ugly, horrible, horror movie. It was awful! Blood, guts and gore everywhere. Man! What a mess. There were times when I had to cover my eyes or look away . . . Wait, what? You say THAT WAS the game? OMG!

It wish it was a movie. It certainly played like “Nightmare on Broad Street” or Scary Movie XXV. Tony Romo was playing Freddie Krueger as he sliced and diced my Eagles all over Lincoln Financial Field. If you’re an Eagles fan, that’s not what was supposed to happen. Yes we came back from being down 21-0, but the game’s not over until the fat lady sings. Oh well.

Thank God we can wake from our bad dreams and live the reality of abundant life in Christ. I still have my life and my loving wife, and, well, my Eagles will fly again.

We can overcome bad dreams and bad teams and dried up streams and live to play another day. That’s the beauty of being a child of God and having Jesus as our Savior and Jesus as our “major.” Football is a minor. (Being an Eagles fan is an important minor, but it’s a minor nonetheless). Jesus is my major. And since Jesus is still the reason for the Season, we don’t need to get all caught up in all of this minor stuff.

So wake up from your nightmarish lifestyle, from your nightmarish living and from your nightmarish life. Stop spending money you don’t have to please people you don’t even like. Live a life of love and give out of love and only give because of love. Any other giving and any other kind of living, especially this time of year, is not a dream come true; it can be a nightmare.

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