Playing For All The Marbles

Eagles Cowboys

If my Eagles are going to beat the Dallas Cowboys and win the NFC East this year they’re going to have to play like they’re playing for all the marbles.  The Eagles and the Cowboys are tied for first place in the NFC East, they both have a 9-4 record, and a trip to the playoffs is on the line. And so tonight’s winner in all likelihood will win the Division, because the game tonight is for all the marbles.

Winning is equal and equivalent with “talking all of the marbles” home with you, just like you did after that childhood game all of us used to know and love and play.  And so, along that line, I found this nugget of knowledge written by Lisa Butterworth at

“The  game of marbles, and others like it, were extremely popular in the US in the early 20th century with both children and adults, creating a marble culture that even generated its own particular language, some of which is still heard in today’s vernacular. ‘Knuckle down’ refers to a player’s hand position when he or she is getting ready to shoot a marble (one knuckle against the ground). Playing ‘for keeps’ means the player who wins takes ownership of the marbles he or she garnered. And a term I’d personally like to bring back is ‘quitsies’ (which allows any opponent to stop the game without consequence).”


So tonight, the Eagles are playing for all the marbles.  It’s time to knuckle down, as both teams are playing for keeps (but we don’t want to use quitsies, because there’s no quit in an Eagles fan).   And that’s how we should live this Christian life.  We need to knuckle down, play for keeps and forget all about that quitsies stuff.

We’re not living a half-life and we’re not willing to share a half win.  We’re not willing to split the championship with anybody. We’re playing for all the marbles. We’re shouldn’t believe God for piecemeal and partial perfection and we mustn’t believe God just for minimal or marginal miracles. Why? Because we’re playing for all the marbles.

Yes, my friends, we’re playing for all of the marbles. We’re living for all of the marbles. We’re believing God for all of the marbles. Why? Because we serve a great God who is faithful and true. That’s why we can sing “Every promise in the Bible is mine. Every chapter, every verse, every line. I’m standing on his promises Divine. Why? Because every promise in the Book is mine.”

So don’t play halfway. Don’t live halfway. Don’t be somewhat and somewhere and some-timey.  Don’t live midway and partway and in between and in the middle of the median.  Live for all the marbles. Give God all you’ve got.  After all, didn’t He give His all in Jesus for you?

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