Husbands, Love Your Wives; Wives, Love Your Husband’s Team


Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it; Ephesians 5:25, KJV

The best thing a husband can do for his wife is to love her the way she needs to be loved.  This is a principle that we as husbands need to understand and apply. And, on the other side of the coin, our wives will get farther and go further with us when they love our favorite team. Above is a great pic of a couple supporting the German “football” team (soccer for us Americans).

The worst thing a husband can do is to put anything or anybody in front of his wife, and that includes his favorite team.  There. I said it.  Wife first, Eagles second  . . . (exhale.)  Surely I jest, but there is truth in jesting. Sometimes we as husbands put “the game” in front of cuddle time, and that, my friends, can be a BIG PROBLEM!  The solution?  Watch the big game together. (Of  course you already thought of that.)

The best thing for a couple to do is to watch sports together. I love my wife and I love that she loves sports – any sports, but particularly my sports teams.  And it’s alright if couples have different favorite teams, because they won’t play each other every week. Right? But when they do play head-to-head, here’s a little tip: when your team wins, go easy, at least after the initial jubilation. 

The worst thing for a couple to do is to be at odds over anything, especially sports. She may hate hockey and he may love lacrosse so there’s not too much room for negotiation there.  So what to? Compromise!  Remember, if you give a little, you’ll get a little; if you give a lot, you’ll get a lot.

The best thing for a wife to do is to be supportive. This may sound old school and old-fashioned and just plain old, but it’s still true nonetheless.  Please keep in mind that being supportive is not dependent upon the husband loving, and loving is not dependent upon the wife being supportive, but when both blend and bind and fuse and fasten and  seal and seam together at the same time, it  sure does help. 

The best thing about this blog is the spiritual connection between God and sports.  Here, the spiritual tie-in is clear. Jesus loves us, and He cares about what we are concerned about. Even sports.  And we, the Church, are the bride of Christ. So it follows that we should “do things” together.  Naturally, we are better together, and watching, playing and participating in sports in any way together can build and bond a long and lasting relationship.

The best thing about being married is that you get to share your life with the one you love. And when your team is in the hunt for a playoff spot and more, that’s a great thing.

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