The Niagara Woman’s Basketball Team: The Girls Teach (Us Guys) How To Gut It Out

Stranded In Snow

There are a number of “male chauvinists” out there who think a woman can’t do what a man can do. Spiritually speaking, we are all one, meaning “there is no male nor female,” but we are one big happy family in Christ. This is true, to a point.

On the other hand, yes there are gender specific roles. Men can’t have babies, and women can’t procreate without help from a man, just to name a few. Men can’t be a mother, and woman can’t be a father. It just can’t be done.

But when it comes to being strong when things go wrong, and being sturdy and stable and heady and hardy and rugged and robust and resistant and resilient when the chips are down, we all can learn a lesson from the Niagara Woman’s Basketball team.

These girls taught us all a lesson on what everybody needs to learn how to do: “gut it out.” Spiritual strength is an inward asset. It is a God-given power that is neither fake nor phony, fabricated nor falsified; you’re either strong in the Lord or you’re not. And you can’t even pretend to be strong and full of faith because even dogs can smell fear.

This week, the Niagara Women’s Basketball team was stuck in a horrific, horrendous snow storm. Their bus was caught flat-footed in a blizzard as they tried to travel in 3-4 feet of snow outside of Buffalo New York. It may not seem like a big thing, but the bus was immobile for over a day, and some reports said they were stranded for up to 30 hours since embarking on their journey home after playing the University of Pittsburgh. Snow was falling at a rate of 4-5 inches an hour. The girls made do with granola bars, cookies, brownies and melted snow. There was no other food on board.

But when the bus went slow, and when the rations got low, you would think their spirits would also? Not so.

The girls did what we all need to learn to do: they gutted it out. There were no reports of complaining or whimpering or being grouchy or grumpy or crabby or crotchety. The gals just took it in stride and weathered the storm. While speaking with ESPN via cell phone, Head Coach Kendra Faustin refused to play the victim, preferring to acknowledge the plight of those in smaller cars as the snow continued to fall, inhibiting the National Guards ability to rescue the stranded.

So let’s learn the lesson that woman in scripture and in life continue to teach us. At one point or another, Sarah and Hannah, Ruth and Rachel, Esther and Elizabeth, and Abigail and Anna all had to tough it out. They all had to weather a storm and to continue to exist and not complain during a difficult period and to be all right despite experiencing serious problems or great difficulties.

So the next time you’re faced with a tough test or a rough road, remember the gals from the Niagara Woman’s Basketball team. They passed the test. They taught us that toughness is a spiritual thing. They taught us that gutting it out is not just for the “big boys” or the “tough guys;” it’s not just for “spiritual” people or for pastors and preachers; being strong in the Lord is something that we all must learn to do.

Be strong in the Lord and the power of His might.

Ephesians 6:10

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