On The Verge . . .


Some of us, yea, many of us, are on the verge. Usually the phrase is reserved for those who are on the verge of a nervous breakdown, or on the verge of suicide, or on the verge of something else hurtful or harmful. But here, I want to emphasize that if you are doing your best, trying your best, playing your best and living your best, you may be on the verge of a massive, mammoth miracle.

The Washington Nationals Baseball team is on the verge. They begin the postseason today, and as we speak, they are hosting the San Francisco Giants in a five-game National League Divisional Series. The Nat’s have “Nattitude” and think and feel and believe and imagine that they can go deep into the playoffs. And many hope and yea, even dream that the Nats can win it all. And that belief may not be far from the truth. It’s all a matter of faith and fortitude.

As for me, I believe that my family is on the verge. My wife and sons and I have been fasting and praying and believing and trusting; it seems like we’re just a step and a stride and pace and a rung away from busting the game wide open. Yes we have to hold on and hold out and hang in there but it seems that we’re near the edge and on the border and at the threshold of something very, very special.

So how about you? Do you feel that way too? Have you been struggling and striving and straining only to seemingly be no further along than you were a day or a date before now? No worries. Take courage. There are many who believe that the Washington Nationals are on the verge. I feel that way about them, and about me too. Breakthrough and breakout and a “break” may be just within grasp, and may be just within reach.

So take courage. Like the prophet Elijah of old, I hear the sound of the abundance of rain. The drought is over. It’s about to rain. A downpour is coming. And your epiphany and harvest and the manifestation of the prophecies are about to materialize right before your eyes. And if you keep the faith, your faith is about to become sight too.

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