Matrix Fans Unite

The Matrix 

If you haven’t seen The Matrix, stop reading.  Stop reading now.  Go rent it, buy it, or break down and borrow it, but for Pete’s sake, watch this film – at least twice for starters – and then come back and continue reading.

If you love David vs. Goliath, the long-shot doesn’t stand a chance, the little runt will die trying, and the underdog defeats the favorite kind of movies, then The Matrix is for you.

The Matrix has it all: good and evil, right and wrong, vanquishers and villains, and saints and sinners.  It has love and hate, war and peace, help and hurt, rejection and retaliation and all of the emotions and sensations of the human spirit.  It has many of the spiritual themes you need to study as well: rebirth and resurrection, restoration and renewal, and resurgence and re-emergence, just to name a few.

If you believe in redemption, recovery and restitution, then you’re a Matrix fan.  How can you not like and love a feel good, the good guys win, the bad guys lose, the prophecy comes to pass story with a storybook ending?  While I know there are many who have trouble swallowing all of the blends in the film, it works for the rest of us.  While Biblical Christianity is mixed with in Hinduism, Gnosticism and a few other “isms,” keep in mind that The Path of Hinduism is really The Way of Christianity.

The Matrix is for all sports fans who love to see the little guy rise and become MVP of the World Series.  It’s a story of “The One” who doesn’t believe in himself, but has others who do the believing for him until he himself comes to faith.  In the film, Thomas Anderson, a.k.a. “Neo” is the prophesied One.  He comes to acknowledge the prophecies about him saving the world, or, in sports speak, winning the big one, are in fact true.

In the coup d’etat of the film, Neo is dead, as he has been killed by enemy agents.  Trinity, an obvious reference to the Godhead, tells Neo that she received a prophecy that she would fall in love with “The One.” Trinity’s kiss of love brings Neo back to life and he goes on to defeat the enemy agents.

The moral of The Matrix is that good will one day conquer evil, right will win out over wrong, and the little guy will someway, somehow defeat the big bad bastions that think they can’t be beat.

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