Take Me Out To The Ball Game!


Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.

Hebrews 10:25, KJV

Going “To” the game and being “At” the game is so much better and so far superior to watching on television. Words fail to describe how much further and how much farther and how much MORE and how beyond belief the “at game” experience is. It was great. And to top it all off, we went on Bobblehead Day, and we got bobblehead dolls!

I went to a day game with some of my co-workers and we had a ball. It wasn’t a playoff game, nor was it a “playoff atmosphere,” but it was a significant game nonetheless. We went to a game at National’s Park, between the Washington Nationals and the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Nat’s had a nine game win streak on the line, and getting to ten consecutive wins in a row was a big deal. The score was 0-0 through the top of the ninth inning, producing a pretty slow, snails-pace of a game, but being with a group made getting there half the fun.

The game we went to just so happened to be during the home team’s hot streak. The Nationals are in 1st Place in the National League East, and are 7.5 games ahead of second place Atlanta. So you would think that the place would be hoppin’ and jumpin’ and people would be screaming and hollering for the home team. Well, not quite. The somewhat watered down Washington D.C. mood aside, the crowd was eager and excited and ready to go a ripping and a roaring for the home team.

Games are decided by scoring. The lack of scoring aside, there was plenty of drama and theater and comedy and tragedy at the game that you’ll only get at the game, and can’t get at home. Now mind you, I’d love to have season tickets, but am not one of the private, privileged prima donnas that can afford to purchase season tickets so that I’m a part of the atmosphere and ambiance of a home game all of the time. But surely I digress.

Going to the ball game is a summer treat. We saw tons of kids with their little National’s Jerseys and baseball caps and they were so cute. We saw families and seniors and couples and just plain ‘ole men at the ballpark on a nice summer afternoon enjoying American’s favorite pastime. And it was great.

So the spiritual tie-in is that we crone and we crave and we peek and we pine for community, and for something to cheer about and cheer for. We want to rejoice and revel, to enjoy and to elate with and for our teams. And I was cheering and yelling and screaming and shouting and whooping and hollering all for a team that I don’t even like! (I’m from Philly, remember?)

So whether it’s a church service or a concert or a conference or a cell group, go; GO to the “game.” We cannot live absent and apart from community, and this community must be healthy and wholesome and comforting and consoling and encouraging and heartening and inspiring and uplifting, all at the same time. So go to the “game.” You’ll get more out of it and can put more into it if you go, and you’ll be glad you did. Staying home and watching on T.V. is just not the same.

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