Kissed Your Sister Lately?


Kissing your sister is an expression used to describe when there’s a lack of joy, pleasure or passion in doing something. (True enough if you were ‘kissin’ your sister”–blechhh!) If an experience was dull and unexciting, someone might say “yea, it was l like kissing my sister.” And the expression can be used to describe almost anything that was dull, lifeless, boring that someone would not want to repeat doing. In sports, the latter meaning works best.

Sometimes you just have to be thankful you got what you got, because sometimes you just get what you get. And other times you have to be acknowledge that what you got is what you’re going to get. A tie is akin to kissing your sister. That’s all we got. And that’s what we get. That’s what the US Soccer Team ended up with after Portugal’s best player, held in check for 90 minutes during regulation and for 4½ of the 5 minutes of Stoppage Time, placed a picture perfect pass on the head of his teammate as he headed in the equalizer. Unbelievable.

Sometimes you just have to take what you can get. It’s not what you want, but it’s what you got. Sounds like many a Christmas present I got as a kid and some as an adult. And spiritually, life has a way of dishing out some unwanted and unsolicited gifts that come out of nowhere or drop like anvils from the sky. And so we need to learn to count our blessings, because it could be worse. So we thank God until it gets better.

Sometimes you just have to move on. And after a tie with Portugal, that’s exactly what the US Team will do in these 2014 World Cup Games. A win would have been unprecedented and unparalleled in US Soccer history, so we were obviously all excited as the US was up 2-1 in Added time, only to watch Portugal’s soccer phenom do what he does best – break the hearts of the other team, and their fans as well. Go figure.

So cheer up. The Bible tells us to “Be of good cheer.” It’s not over. Whatever your condition or position, whatever your situation or circumstance, whatever your post or place, don’t fret. It’s not over. So let’s just face it – sometimes we need to stop our whining and crying and moaning and groaning and pouting and shouting and just move on. And that’s what the US team will do. A tie, even though it’s akin to kissing your sister, is not the end of the world. The US men’s team will play Germany and hopefully at least kiss their little sister one more time.

We can only hope.

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