The Best Player vs. The Best Team = Road Kill

Spurs Team 2014Spurs 2014 ChampionshipDid the Miami Heat catch the license plate of that truck that just ran over their face? I mean, really? Seriously, who saw this one comin’? Not the Heat, that’s for sure. On the Spurs side, Tim Duncan and Parker and Ginobli and MVP Kawhi Leonard and the entire Spurs team were certainly spurred on by that awful and painful, forgettable and yet memorable Game 6 Six loss in last year’s Finals. The Spurs were up by SEVENTEEN in the third quarter, only to lose in overtime. Go figure. Since then, the Heat have been in the Spurs crosshairs for revenge.

Did the Miami Heat actually think that this was going to be seven game series? After winning Game 2 on the Road in San Antonio, it seemed possible, even probable. However, after two horrific losses AT HOME, where they lost by double digits, it was clear that this series would be over almost before it began. So much for all that expected TV revenue and all those lost ticket sales.

Did the Miami Heat underestimate the Spurs and did they overestimate themselves? Ya think? Yuper. For anyone and everyone, that’s a recipe for disaster. Spiritually speaking, when we overestimate our ability and underestimate God’s ability, we will lose every time.

So, what can we learn from the Spurs? More importantly, what can the Heat learn from the Spurs? Is it that one man, even if he is the “best player,” can’t beat the best team? Is it that you can’t play 3 on 5 and win? Or is it that LeBron needs more help? Maybe it’s all of the above. My buddy, Dr. Bill Wright, may have said it best:

“Just a thought. The San Antonio Spurs demonstrated what working together as a team can accomplish. Even though Miami had the best player in the world, he was no match for a team. The combination of good front office people, great coaching and working together made this happen for them. For us, having the Lord God as front office and the Holy Spirit as coach and us working together as a team can change the world (that could preach!) Miami went back to school during this championship series.” Boy, did they ever.

So, do the Spurs have another one in them? Can we expect to see this celebration again next year? Will the Spurs retool and refuel and recharge for another championship run? Do they, will they, can they? Who knows, but the Spurs style of team play was poetry in motion, and thing a beauty to watch.

So hats off and hail to the Spurs! And Kudos to Leonard who averaged 17.8 points on 61 percent shooting in the series, becoming the youngest Finals MVP since Tim Duncan won it in 1999.

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