End Of An Era

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Spurs End of an Era
After the Heat got off to an 8-0 start last night, it made you wonder why Mario Chalmers was in the starting line up in Game 4. Having Lebron guard Tony Parker definitely slowed down the Spurs attack as well. As Mark Jackson said, “You take Chalmers out of the starting line up and you lose nothing, because LeBron can play any position on the floor”.

Spurs started the game 1-11. Kinda looked like they got sucker punched…

Lots of things going through my head at this point, most of all, can the Heat keep it up?

Well, then the Spurs went on a 12-0 run. Momentum shifted. Heat were up 29-22 after one, their 1st lead after the first quarter in the series, but believe it our not, I still had the feeling the Spurs were still in control. Mid way through the 2nd, it felt like the Heat were drifting back to their former selves. Wade missing easy buckets, Ray Allen dribbling the ball into the ground. Everyone staring at Lebron.

Spurs led 47-40 at the Half. This one was over. Fat lady was singing.

Almost four minutes had gone by and the Heat still hadn’t scored. For the record, I’m not a Miami Heat fan but a LeBron James fan. Love his game. It was pretty painful to watch a great player struggle on a mediocre team. But the King won’t get any sympathy. He’s still a two time champ and at 29, still has another 5 or 6 good years left in him.

The Spurs were without a doubt the best team in the league this year. Not even close.

I’m glad the best team won.

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