For God So Loved The World Cup

For starters, soccer is “Football” everywhere in the world but in the good ole USA, and Canada if you wish. For some reason or another, we Americans call this world sport soccer. But for now, we watch “Football” as the World Cup is upon us. And if the World loves “Football”/Soccer, and we are made in God’s image, does that mean that God loves Football/Soccer too?

Second, why Americans don’t drool over soccer like the rest of the world is anybody’s guess. For me, it’s the running clock and the lack of scoring that’s a negative. Watching a bunch of guys kick a ball all over a humongous field for 60 minutes with little or no results is, well, boring. I need scoring. Lots of it. I mean, how can soccer compete with college football scores of 73-2, and NBA scores in the high 90’s for Eastern teams, and the low 100’s for the Western Conference teams? There’s no comparison for the US thirst for serious scoring, furious fighting and aggressive action that puts points on the board.

Third, you don’t have to be a soccer fan of any sort to know that the host country (Brazil) is SUPPOSED to beat the visitors (Croatia). Early in the game, Croatia was winning 1 nil, and the Boys from Brazil had to have been peeing in their panties. At halftime they were tied with the wannabe upstarts, and when the home team notched the equalizing goal, you would have thought they whole won the whole blasted thing. Thankfully for Brazilians and the World Cup faithful, Team Brasilia won the match 3-1, and Brazil fell out of danger by not falling out at the gate. But that’s why we play the games and keep score.

Viva la FIFA!

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