Los Angeles vs New York: Here We Go Again

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Palm Trees and Smog or Concrete Jungle and Skyscrapers?

Freeways and Uber or Subways and Taxis?

“Fa sho” or “Fughgeddaboudit”?

In N’ Out or Shake Shack?

Runyon Canyon or Central Park?

Lakers or Knicks?

Hollywood or Wall Street?

Throughout the years, there have been countless comparisons and battles about which city is better between New York and Los Angeles.  And thanks to an overtime win in Chicago last night, the Los Angeles Kings hockey team guaranteed that we will have yet another battle between New York and LA as the Kings and New York Rangers will battle for the Stanley Cup starting this Wednesday, June 4th.

It’s very odd to be discussing hockey in June, let alone talking about hockey here in LA.  However, over the past 3 years no team has been quite as dominant as the Los Angeles Kings.  They won the title in 2012 and are back in the finals for the 2nd time in 3 years.  Over that span they’ve played more playoff hockey games than any other team in the league.

The team that will try to take the Kings down hails from NYC and is considered the underdog but if you ask anyone who either is from NY or lives in the state, they will emphatically let you know that New York is ALWAYS the favorite no matter what.  The New York Rangers are making their first appearance in the Stanley Cup Finals in 20 years, also the last time they won a championship.

The NHL is commissioner and sponsors have to be smiling right now because the two biggest markets in the country are the hosts for their season finale.  Although hockey is not a premier sport like Football and Basketball, the names LA and NY are going to draw extra eyes.

As a sports fan, I’m excited about this matchup and as a resident of Los Angeles, I’m even more intrigued.  The Kings didn’t make it easy on their fans as they blew a 3-1 series lead and had to come from behind and win in overtime on the road but hey, they won.  And that’s all that matters.

These teams will be competing with LeBron and the Spurs for airtime popularity but thanks to scheduling, they won’t compete on the same night.  And that means we can give them all the attention they deserve.  If you haven’t seen a hockey game before, now is the time to tune in.  The action and intensity is a sight to see and if you have a rooting interest, you’ll be on the edge of your seat throughout.

So with that being said, you have about 2 days to research the teams and learn all of the names that are to spell let alone pronounce and get yourself ready for what’s sure to be an exciting championship.

It’s LA vs NY.  Beaches and Beverly Hills vs Skyscrapers and Manhattan.

LA people thing New Yorker’s are angry and move too fast for no reason.

New Yorker’s believe people in LA are lazy, spoiled and not in the real world.

Both are true if you ask me.

But ask me who will win the series and I’ll tell you this, there’s no place like NY.  You should visit.  But if you want to live somewhere, you can’t beat LA.  And neither will the Rangers.

Go Kings Go!

(LA Kings in 7)

LA Kings 485x300 Los Angeles vs New York:  Here we go again.




2 thoughts on “Los Angeles vs New York: Here We Go Again

  1. This is bad. If the author or authors are from LA, then what’s with the weak urban comparisons? Actually, what’s with the comparisons period? It such a New York thing to do (I couldn’t help it, some times Angelenos need the distinction made) because the only way an argument like that works is if the idea of LA is limited to symbols of it that aren’t representative of its wide and varied landscape. This is expected of anyone not from here, not someone who goes for the Kings! With New York, you can say Manhattan and Central Park, subways and taxis but with Los Angeles, it just won’t work to name Runyon and Beverly Hills. We have skyscrapers too and they’re beautiful. All I mean to say is that the descriptions you use are not LA-centric or founded within the city for most people who live here. They are used to the advantage of others who make this city out to be something they can diss.

    Are you the same writer who wrote “There’s NO Place like Los Angeles”? Much better!

    By the way, go Kings with their two wins!

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