What Do You Know About Women’s Lacrosse?

 MD Womens Lacrosse

What do I know about women’s lacrosse? Next to nothing or not much — take your pick. But as a good friend once said, “I don’t know much, but I know bad when I see it.” Well, I may not know much about lacrosse, and I know much less about women’s lacrosse for that matter, but I know a proven winner when I see one. I don’t watch lacrosse, and if I hadn’t “just happened” to watch the news last night, I wouldn’t know that my Alma Matter had a great women’s lacrosse team.

You don’t have to know much to know that the University of Maryland Women’s Lacrosse Team is a proven winner. Last night the Lady Terps won their 12th National Championship in Women’s Lacrosse, defeating Syracuse 15-12 after going 23-1 on the season. Twelve championships is not just winning, it’s dominance.

You don’t have to know much to know a winner when you see one. But it’s more that seeing, it’s sensing; it’s more than noticing, it’s knowing; it’s more than picturing, it’s, perceiving. Witnessing sports greatness and athletic genius doesn’t happen every day.

The woman at the well didn’t know much, but she knew a winner when she saw one. She knew that Jesus was no ordinary guy. She knew that Jesus was no everyday dude. Jesus wasn’t just someone who went to church on Sundays or sang on the choir or didn’t smoke or drink or was “nice”; no, she knew that Jesus was something else, someone utterly otherly, someone not just above, but beyond all the rest.

You don’t have to know much to know that after just a few minutes and just a few morsels of meaningful conversation, the unnamed woman at the well knew that Jesus was a prophet; if she met Jesus today she would have called him more than a preacher; she perceived that He was a mystic or a psychic; a medium or a mind reader; a soothsayer or a seer, but certainly more than just a mere man.

You don’t have to know much to know that the woman at the well was weary and wounded, hurt and unhappy, lonely and leery of life. She was tired of living and exhausted of giving her all to men who were worthless and guys who gutless and everyone else who treated her like a second class citizen or a worthless piece of trash.

You don’t have to know much to know that those who believe that there’s more to this life than meets the eye have a knack for seeing what others don’t. Greatness resides in those who never settle for less and abides in those who always strive for more. There’s this life and then there’s the life to come.

 MD Womens Lacrosse 2014

So look for greatness everywhere, even in sports you don’t know or don’t care that much about. What do you know about women’s lacrosse? It might not be much, but it might be just enough to recognize greatness. So congrats to coach Cathy Reese and the Lady’s of Lacrosse, the 2014 University of Maryland Women’s Lacrosse Team. They’ve shown us what dominance looks like: it’s determination plus dedication, its stamina and stick-to-itiveness, it’s guts and a game face, and it’s being nasty with a smile, all rolled up into one.


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