Put Up or Shut Up

Paul George LeBron Jamesl

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  Hebrews 11:1

If the Miami Heat are in trouble, then every person of faith needs to give up believing in Heaven right here and right now. If people of faith were to prance and panic, fear and fret, freak out and pack it in every time we tumbled into a tussle or fell into a free fall, we would never triumph in the face of tragedy.

If we were given every game and every victory and every win and every success without struggle, sacrifice and self-surrender, we would not appreciate the value of the victory or the worth of the win. Every Biblical character from Abraham to Asa, from Joseph to John the Baptist, from Esther to Elizabeth and everyone else in between had to press and persist, prevail and persevere, push and pursue their way to their destiny through hard trials, temptations and tribulation.

And if Miami doesn’t rebound from yesterday’s not so surprising loss to the Pacers, I will personally hand out coupons for free lattes on Main Street. That’s the proverbial Main Street, mind you. I mean, it’s not like “King” James hasn’t done anything or won anything yet; the Heat are just working on their Three-peat,- their third consecutive NBA Championship, like Mike and Kobe.

If we base our faith on what we see, how we feel and the outward appearance of things, we have no faith. Period. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things NOT SEEN, remember? I mean, one convincing win by the Pacers should not shock the sports world into believing the possible and doubting the probable. It’s simple math; faith believes what is not seen. At this point, the Pacer pundits can strut all they want; winning the series is the ONLY way I or any and every other serious sports fan will take Paul George and the Pacers seriously.

If you are a Pacer’s fan, tell your team to put up or shut up. Either beat the Heat now that you’re the No. 1 Seed, have home court advantage, and have won Game One AT HOME, or shut “the-you-know-what” up. Seriously – they’ve won ONE game: whoop tee doo.   They’re SUPPOSED to win at home. Or maybe I’m being too harsh. NOT!

If Christians want to be taken seriously, we need to stop whining and whimpering and put up or shut up. Either we serve the true and living God or we don’t. Either our God is the King over all gods or He isn’t. Either we have victory in Him in every situation or we don’t. Either Jesus is the righteous Son of God or He’s not.

If we believe, we should not be deceived by the looks and the likes of fool’s gold. We do believe, and therefore we speak. We know that we are going to win. We know that God is sovereign. “We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.” So all this controversy, consternation, hubbub and hullabaloo over the existence of God or the power of God or the immutability of God or the infallibility of God is a bunch of gobbledygook.

If we would practice what we preach, more people might believe our message, which is the message of our Lord, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So let’s put up our faith against everyone else’s: Why not? What do we have to lose?

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