Participate in Your Own Resurrection: The First Sports Commandment with Promise

 John Wall Wizards_Pacers_Basketball

The Washington Wizards have participated in their own resurrection.  And John Wall, the No. 1 Pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, is central and singular to this resurrection. They have gone from being a sub-par team with only a faint hope, a slim chance and a pipe dream of making the playoffs to being a playoff team to contend with. They are a combination of young talent and journeymen players, yet when they play their game, they “can beat anybody.” They are fun to watch and can build a future on the foundation of the present.

These Wizards are “only” a .500 team. They finished the regular season 44-38, slightly above average, yet they exceeded all expectations and became the darlings of the dance by defeating the Chicago Bulls 4-1 in the first round. And then, for an encore, they surprised the No. 1 Seed Indiana Pacers ON THE ROAD in the first game of the second round.

In spite of all this recent success, last night, the Wizards lost ugly. This team is like most of us: they have a tendency to win big or loose bad. They have come so far, and yet it seems that they have so far yet to go. They were in a close, low scoring, slugfest of a game full of bad shots and poor decisions. Yet they were only down by one at halftime. Down but just one measly point at the break, they lost by 22. Go figure. But before we jump to conclusions, we must remember that one loss does not a series lose. Yet a bad loss can demoralize a team and hard fall can derail a dream.

Watching a good game is joyful, and watching a bad game is painful. And last night was painful. Good teams usually win pretty and bad teams usually lose ugly. Usually. The converse can also be true, but the general rule applies across the board. The Wizards are either a good team with bad team tendencies or a bad team with good team qualities. Sounds like most of us.

Most of us, if not all of us, need to participate in our own resurrection. In order to win, we need to do the things that we know we need to do. Nuff said. Last night, the Wizards played like a bad team; they did the things they shouldn’t have, and they didn’t do the things they should’ve.

We’ve all had ghastly games and nasty-nights; we’ve all had dreadful drubbings and beastly beat-downs. We’ve all fallen hard and tripped up bad. But even and especially after an ugly outing and an insidious inning, after being livid after a loss and being furious after a failure, we all need to participate in our own resurrections. If and when we fall, we need to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and try, try again. After a deadly defeat, we need to participate in our own resurrrection. 

 So always remember the first sports commandment with promise: thou shalt participate in thine own resurrection. Simply put, that means that thou shalt get back up, again. That means you’ve got to fight!  You’ve got to determine to disappoint the devil. You’ve got to reach up for that hand that reaches out.  And if  John Wall and the Wizards need any more inspiration or motivation, they can watch the top ten inspiration sports movies of all time.

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