God’s No. 1 Draft Pick


Who’s going to draft who? That’s the question going into the 2014 NFL Draft. Johnny “Football” Manziel is the talk ok the town, yet prior to last night’s first round of the draft, it was anyone’s’ guess where he would end up. While all of those hopeful players are waiting with baited breath and will be watching with wanton eyes while looking above at the big board to see who drafts them and where they land, as believers, ours is to trust that God has drafted us and will use our knowledge, skill and abilities in the assignment where he places us.

We’ve all been drafted by God. God has need of us and He wants us on His team. To draft means to employ and to enroll, to enlist and to enjoin. The Lord hath need of us. He doesn’t HAVE to use us, but He WANTS to use us. Most of us aren’t draft material; most of us aren’t ready for the next level; most of us would fall all the way out of the draft and would be unemployed and unengaged, unwanted and unwarranted were it not for God.

Abraham was drafted by God. He was a liar and a cheat, yet God drafted him anyway. He lied and told Pharaoh that Sarah was his sister and did it so he would save his own neck. Abraham to Sarah: “Say you are my sister, so that I will be treated well for your sake and my life will be spared because of you.” Hmmm. Abraham doesn’t sound like a Boy Scout to me. But yet and still, God drafted him.

Moses was drafted by God. A hot head and a murderer, yet God drafted him anyway. He had to go through years of testing and training to become the great Deliverer. God knew his upside, and drafted him for what he would become, not for who he was.

David was drafted by God. He had a healthy passion for God but an unfortunate passion for women as well. Thankfully, the spiritual passion he had for God won out over physical passion he had for Bathsheba. And God drafted him to be on His team.

And you too can be God’s No. 1 draft pick. You too can be God’s choicest and chosen. You too can be God’s leading man and wonder woman. So don’t worry if you aren’t picked by man or men; don’t worry if you aren’t chosen by the choicest chaps; don’t fret if you aren’t selected by the select elect or the fleet elite.

God wants those who don’t necessarily have ability but those who have availability. And so to be chosen by God, make yourself available for the Master. Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God and He will exalt you in due time. Clear your calendar and avail yourself for the God of the universe, and watch how He uses you to win the fight and gain the victory.

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