Battle of the Sexes:UCONN Men vs. UCONN Women


Boys and girls, gals and guys, ladies and gents. We’ve pitted ourselves against each other for too long. Now that the UCONN Men’s AND Women’s basketball teams have won the national championship, someone said, “Let’s have them play each other to see who’s THE REAL National Champion!” Mmmm, No.


There are some things men can do better than women and there are some things women can do better than men. Playing basketball isn’t a guys versus girls or a dudes are better than dames issue; the issue is style. The UCONN women beat the pants off of Notre Dame. The UCONN men were just faster and smarter and hungrier than their young Kentucky opponents. Playing each other should be for fun and fervor, not to fulfill a fictitious fact about the superiority one gender over another, which of course is a falsehood.

Men and women are congruent, compatible, and complementary. We were made to go together and fit together, not to fight each other and conflict with one another. The battle of the sexes hit an all time high when Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King faced off on a tennis court way back when, on September 20, 1973. For those of us old enough to remember, Billy Jean King won, and women were declared fit to do everything a man could do, and some.

Well, boys and girls, I hope we’ve learned our lesson. God made Adam and Eve, and made them so that they would be joined together in harmony. It’s a thing together. When Jesus came He had to elevate the status of women because man had hampered and hindered and demeaned and debased women so much and for so long that something HAD to be done to level the playing field. In fact, Old Testament Jael was given the honor of winning Barak’s victory just for this reason.

So stop all of this stuff about what women can do and what men can’t do; each gender has its strengths and weaknesses, and we should honor and esteem each other in the beauty that God made us, and leave it at that. And as for the UCONN men playing the UCONN women, on second thought, why not? Just make sure that it’s a best of seven series.

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