Save Your Brother

Harrison Twins Hug

Aaron Harrison saved his brother. With the game on the line, his twin brother, Andrew Harrison, had missed a wide open three-point attempt. Then, to add insult to injury, Andrew fouled Wisconsin’s spiritual leader, Traevon Jackson, as he heaved up a desperate three-point attempt with 16.4 seconds remaining. He only made two of his three attempts at the line. The score: 73-71, Wisconsin over Kentucky, with a trip to the National Championship Game at stake.

Enter Aaron Harrison. For the third time in as many games, Aaron won the game on a three pointer with just seconds remaining. Aaron Harrison’s shot – his only three-point attempt of the game – proved to be the game winner, as Traevon Jackson’s shot from the wing bounced hard off of the back rim at the buzzer.

Aaron saved his brother. Andrew made mistakes and Aaron cleaned up the mess. Aaron made shots while Andrew missed them. Not only did Andrew make one critical mistake, he made two. Andrew missed a go ahead three-point attempt AND committed a cardinal sin –  fouling a shooter in the act of a three-point attempt and doing it with the game on the line.

Sometimes we do things that are damning and damaging, hurtful and harmful, detrimental and deleterious. We don’t mean to, but we just do. Sometimes we do things by accident and the incident could spell the end of us. Sometimes we are careless and thoughtless, and our emotions get the best of us. Thank God for brothers that save us.

Cain killed his brother. Instead of being happy for him and rejoicing that God accepted his sacrifice from the firstlings of the flock, Cain was wroth because God rejected his offering from the ground, the same ground that God has cursed. Cain was jealous and envious, mean-hearted and mean-spirited, and it cost him his standing with God and with other men. Contrary to Cain’s response to God, we are our brother’s keeper.

I have a brother at work who has been falsely accused. He’s not an angel who’s perfect but he’s also not a demon full of defect; he’s not a sanctimonious saint but he’s also not a vicious villain. He’s a well-meaning, sound living man who is trying to do his job and is living the best he knows how. And that goes for all the rest of us. We’re not perfect, but we’re perfectly striving. In the middle of the drama and in the midst of the trauma, he is still standing, and my job is to save my brother.

Truth be told, I have been saved by my brother. If it weren’t for my big brother at work, I would not survive. I would not live and I would not last if I had not been saved by my brother. He’s picked up where I have left off; he’s picked me up when I’ve had letdowns and when I’ve been let down. And so thank God that we have brothers that are willing to step in and step up and rescue and ransom and redeem us. Thank God for brothers who have the ability to give up their lives and save us.

And so with that in mind, which one of your brother’s are you going to save?

Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13, RSV

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